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ClearPeople and Korn Ferry win best intranet in Nielsen Norman Awards

6 January 2020

ClearPeople is delighted to announce that Korn Ferry has been announced a winner of the Nielsen Norman Group 20th annual best intranet design contest.

“Our ambition is that our products and services help our clients be the best they can be. I am very proud that Korn Ferry has received this best intranet recognition” says Katya Linossi, CEO of ClearPeople.

User-experience research firm Nielsen Norman Group has been analysing best intranets from all over the world for 20 years, including trends and developments in the industry and best practices for intranet design. 

This award is given to only 10 outstanding best intranets globally. This year Korn Ferry has won the prominent award alongside United Nations, Loblaw and other well-known brands. 

Korn Ferry is a global organisational consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, synchronising strategy and talent to drive superior performance for their clients. Korn Ferry did not just want another intranet. Korn Ferry wanted a digital workspace that was innovative and user centred, making it easier for employees to get work done and deliver better quality solutions for their clients. Working alongside Korn Ferry’s Collective Intelligence Task Force, ClearPeople delivered Fuse using Office 365 SharePoint Online, Teams and Yammer in line with Korn Ferry’s global cloud strategy and taking advantage of Microsoft’s evolving roadmap.

“Having joined the Korn Ferry team as CIO in October 2019 I was blown away by the digital workspace experience that Fuse delivers. I personally experienced the power of Fuse as it supported, guided, and empowered me during my assimilation into the global Korn Ferry organization.  It fluidly connected me to people, content and knowledge and immediately enhanced my effectiveness in my new role.  Fuse is so much more than just an intranet, it is clearly the connective tissue of our global business and it is unquestionably the most impressive digital workspace I have seen.” 
Brandon Johnson, Chief Information Office, Korn Ferry

The close collaboration with ClearPeople started in 2016 with an early version of what is now known as “Atlas, the people-first digital workspace”. The goal with Fuse was to challenge the status-quo of conventional intranet capabilities by developing a set of tools that transcend the traditional user experience, the contextual experience and the mobile experience. Given Korn Ferry's market-leading position, the ambition was to be progressive and innovative and to maximise the potential of every member of the Korn Ferry team, enabling them to solve the biggest challenges their clients face. 

“Fuse [the digital workspace] is having a really positive impact on our collaboration internally and on the value we are able to provide our clients. We are now able to collaborate and explore content across the whole of Office 365, resulting in much higher engagement and awareness across the business.”
Erin Evans, Senior Director, Strategy, Korn Ferry

Since its launch in May 2018, employees at Korn Ferry have become passionate Fuse users and it’s a big part of enabling the ‘One Korn Ferry’ culture which is so essential for the future success of the organisation. 

ClearPeople’s products and solutions are aimed at organisations that are invested in the Microsoft cloud roadmap, including Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Korn Ferry’s digital workspace is a world class example of how user experience, design, technology and valuable knowledge has been brought beautifully together to provide real business benefit. The solution has also been able to achieve on the goals and ambitions and is delivering relevant content that can be easily accessed, navigated and curated from any device at any time.

“ClearPeople's innovative solutions build on top of the capabilities of Microsoft 365 to deliver important context that helps deliver better collaboration and business outcomes for our customers. Their technical expertise is augmented by their ability to make technology accessible and people-focused, driving our customer’s ability to better serve their clients at a scale.” 
Sebastian Rasino, Technology Strategist, Microsoft

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About Nielsen Norman Group
Nielsen Norman Group ( is a UX research and consulting firm trusted by leading organizations world-wide to provide reliable guidance on user experience.

Nielsen Norman Group's Intranet Design Annual 2020: The Year’s 10 Best Intranets, co-authored by Kara Pernice, Patty Caya, Maria Rosala, and Anna Kaley is available to download from the Nielsen Norman Group website at

About Korn Ferry
Korn Ferry is a global organisational consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, synchronizing strategy and talent to drive superior performance for their clients. Korn Ferry helps companies design their organisation – the structure, the roles and responsibilities, as well as how they compensate, develop and motivate their people. As importantly they help organisations select and hire the talent needed to execute their strategy. In the past five years Korn Ferry has grown over three times in employee size to a workforce of over 10,000 employees in a global organisation across 110 offices.

About ClearPeople 
ClearPeople provides software and services for the modern workplace. Atlas is ClearPeople’s comprehensive digital workspace platform for intranet communication, knowledge and collaboration. Atlas is built on and for Office 365, providing a wide range of benefits for organisations ranging from 500 seats to over 50,000 seats. Read more about Atlas - best intranet solution.

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