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How much can your frontline workers contribute from the frontline? How much can you support them with the right knowledge at the right time?


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This webinar focuses on a key user journey for most large organisations that have frontline / first line employees.

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How do employees that are not sitting at desks, get the information they need and how do they contribute the information they are gathering back into the right systems?

While this is a relevant use case for many roles, from the medical frontline staff to manufacturing and engineering, we will walk through the use case for a property management organisation. The property manager will be going from property to property on a regular monthly site visit. She will need access to the relevant notes from the last visit, any reported incidents that might need to be discussed and she will need to be able to report any new issues while on-site.


  • How this can be delivered with a powerful Atlas digital workspace experience within Teams as a Platform for the mobile experience.
  • How to connect people to knowledge with very little effort, wherever they may and whatever device they may be using whether on a mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

Speakers at this webinar

Krizia CeccobaoKrizia Ceccobao, Knowledge & Insights, Product Marketing Manager (Microsoft)

Krizia has recently moved into a new UK based role at Microsoft, as Product Marketing Manager for all things Knowledge & Insights, covering Project Cortex, Yammer, Streams and Workplace Analytics. 

Krizia is MBA graduate from IESE business school and passionate about marketing & digital business strategy. She joined Microsoft as a Sr. Technical Account Manager to help customers achieving their business goals while getting the most out of their IT investments. Focused on raising the awareness around cloud solutions and security best practices. Krizia was previously Senior Consultant at KPMG Advisory, Business Performance Services.

Hasan Javed Hasan Javed, Product Marketing Manager & Storyteller (Microsoft)

Hasan is Product Marketing and Storyteller at Microsoft, working to empower the people on the first line, who make the world go round.



Katya Linossi, Co-Founder and CEO (ClearPeople)

Katya is the co-founder and CEO of ClearPeople. She has been instrumental in shaping the strategy and operations of ClearPeople, with over 20 years’ extensive international experience in various roles within IT. She juggled a Master’s in Business Administration with motherhood and starting a successful business. She is a firm believer in wellness and actively supporting our team to develop personally as well as professionally, specifically championing women in technology and diversity in the workforce.

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