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Microsoft Viva Topics - First Look and Behind the Scenes


Watch a short video of Microsoft Viva Topics as it appears just after the initial set-up process in ClearPeople's own Microsoft 365 tenant.

Want to see what Microsoft Viva Topics looks like just after the installation?

Below you will find a short (approx 3 minute) video of Microsoft Viva Topics as it appears just after the initial set-up process in our own Microsoft 365 tenant. The video shows you the two main stages, just after installation and then again after a few hours, once the various features have been fully deployed into the Topics center.

The Topics center Site Collection deploys pretty much instantly but does not contain much. Warning - it may be a slightly disheartening and underwhelming experience if you have waited for months to try this out.

So once you have installed Microsoft Viva Topics, you will need to hold your breath for a while longer before you see the actual intended landing page and the relevant Viva Topics features. In my case, I got some family time in while I was waiting and checked back on it after a few hours. 

And once the features do land, don't expect to see any Topics appearing - that will take a couple of days (it could be as much as a couple of weeks).


Viva Topics is retired

On February 22, 2024 Microsoft announced that Viva Topics will be retired (

If you are looking for an alternative to Viva Topics, Atlas Knowledge Topics provides enhanced functionality and outcomes compared to Viva Topics. 


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Gabriel Karawani

Gabriel Karawani

Gabriel is Co-Founder of ClearPeople, responsible for the overall technical and Atlas Intelligent Knowledge Platform vision. He works closely with colleagues at Microsoft on roadmap alignment and innovative Content AI Services programs such as Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Premium (previously known as Syntex). Gabriel was part of Microsoft's partner program for Project Cortex.

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