Creating Your First Microsoft Viva Topic

6 February 2021

Microsoft Viva Topics is the name announced on Feb 4th 2021 as the official name for what was until now known as Project Cortex Topics, Topic Experience or Intelligent Topics. Watch a quick video on how a Viva Topics page is created.

Want to see how a Microsoft Viva Topics page is created manually?

In this short and roughly edited post and video, I walk through the creation of the first - manually created - Microsoft Viva Topics page. Afterwards, I go into a bit more detail on the page, to explore the available web parts, the page properties and the settings of the page library.

Microsoft Viva Topics is the official name for what was known as Project Cortex Topics, Topic Experience or Intelligent Topics. Microsoft Viva Topics is the second product that has come out of the Content Services / Project Cortex work. The first product being SharePoint Syntex which was released on Oct 01 2020.

Creating a new Microsoft Viva Topics page manually

While Microsoft Viva Topics uses advanced AI, with a combination of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning to automatically discover topics and convert them into suggest Topics Pages, you will from time to time wish to create a Topic manually.

The video below provides more details on how to do this. 



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