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Discover the future of Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms with the new ClearBox 2024 Report – featuring Atlas


Staying informed about the latest trends and technologies in intranet and employee experience platforms is crucial for any business aiming to foster a productive, engaged, and collaborative workforce. This is where the latest ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024 report becomes a useful resource. It's not just a report; it's a comprehensive guide that delves into the world of intranet and employee experience platforms, offering invaluable insights for organizations of all sizes. And if you're specifically interested in the cutting-edge advancements, Atlas, featured in this report, is a must-read section.

Overview of ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report

ClearBox Consulting's annual report is the buyer’s guide to intranet and employee experience platforms. The 619 page report reviews every category of intranet — including stand-alone intranet software, ‘in-a-box’ products for SharePoint, employee communication platforms, and the new breed of employee experience platforms that offer desktop and mobile apps.


Who is the report for?

This report will be interesting to people working in Internal Comms, HR, and IT departments. It is valuable for anyone invested in providing outstanding digital employee experience for their organization. Those looking to purchase a new intranet or employee experience platform product will find guidance and comprehensive comparisons of leading vendors in this report. 


Why the ClearBox 2024 report is a must-read

In-depth analysis: The report provides a detailed analysis of the latest intranet and employee experience platforms. It's not just about the features; it's about how these platforms can transform the way your employees work, communicate, and collaborate.

Tailored insights: The report's section on Atlas provides tailored insights that are particularly beneficial for those considering or already using Microsoft 365.

Comparative insights: ClearBox's thorough comparison across various platforms gives you a bird's-eye view of what's available, helping you make informed decisions about which tools are right for your organization.


Download a free copy of the ClearBox 2024 report

ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024 Report


ClearBox and Atlas Intelligent Knowledge Platform

"Atlas does a good job of enhancing SharePoint’s presentation and intranet navigation; its real strength is how it brings coherence across sites and content that might be scattered over multiple Microsoft 365 tools, in multiple formats. It starts with ConneX, Atlas’s governance and provisioning tool, which allows templated workspaces to be seeded with a rich set of metadata."

ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2024


"While businesses such as law firms and consultancies are typical customers, any organization facing information sprawl or wanting to make more of their Microsoft 365 investment should consider the Atlas, whether to directly improve knowledge management and collaboration, or to ready your information for the incoming wave of AI features, by tightening control and improving the structure of your data."

ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2024


About ClearBox

ClearBox is a specialist independent consultancy that believes in making the workplace a better and more productive experience. Their consultants provide advice on intranets and the wider digital workplace, including internal social networks, enterprise mobile strategies, and real-time collaboration tools.

They develop good working relationships with market-leading vendors and new entrants, to provide in-depth consulting in the intranet and digital workplace field.


Download ClearBox’s 2024 intranet and employee experience platforms report

ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024 Report



Whether you're in the process of choosing a new intranet platform or simply staying abreast of the latest digital workplace technologies, downloading the new ClearBox report is a smart move.

The insights on Atlas alone make it a worthwhile read, offering a glimpse into the future of digital collaboration and knowledge management.

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