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Announcing the release of Atlas 5.0


Today, we unveil Atlas version 5, the world’s first intelligent knowledge platform for Microsoft 365.

Pioneering a new era of Generative AI for enterprises, this groundbreaking version harnesses the collective knowledge stored in Microsoft 365 and other enterprise data sources, leveraging innovative technologies such as GPT LLMs, Microsoft Azure OpenAI, and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

With the advent of Atlas 5, organizations can for the first time, deliver Generative AI experiences to employees using the most authoritative content from Microsoft 365 repositories and other enterprise data sources.  These contextual Generative AI experiences are available wherever employees spend their worktime; in popular Microsoft applications like SharePoint or Teams, in Microsoft 365 Copilot, or from the Atlas AI interface. Atlas 5 also delivers the robust governance and usage analytics needed to confidently deploy enterprise Generative AI confidently and compliantly.

Key Features of Atlas 5

  • Atlas provides organizations with the essential governance and provisioning tools needed to prepare people and corporate data for the introduction of AI, a critical step in deploying AI tools such as Microsoft 365 Copilot.
  • Atlas dynamically maintains powerful knowledge collections by drawing from Microsoft 365 and other enterprise data sources, anchoring the AI in an authoritative source of truth from across the organization's extensive set of knowledge bases. Subsequently, employees can engage through the new Atlas ‘AI Assistant,’ with confidence that it is leveraging verified data sources for generating responses or content. The AI Assistant is available within the Atlas interface in popular Microsoft 365 applications such as SharePoint and Teams, and soon also via Microsoft 365 Copilot.
  • Atlas also introduces comprehensive control and transparency over AI usage, including enhanced features for managing access to AI capabilities, cost controls, user activity tracking, and usage analytics, providing organizations with end-to-end oversight of AI operations.


Benefits of Atlas 5

  • Boost efficiency and AI dexterity: Employees leverage the power of enterprise-grade AI to work with the most relevant and authoritative information easily and swiftly for their current work assignment, fostering efficiency and informed decision-making.
  • Experience and adopt AI safely and confidently: Atlas helps govern and minimize exposure of sensitive data and enables organizations to deploy AI safely and securely in the enterprise, while reducing the risks associated with Shadow AI and use of publicly available AI tools.
  • Govern and control usage and cost: Effectively manage Microsoft Azure OpenAI service costs with customizable user request limits, while ensuring adherence to company policies through governance and comprehensive audit trails of interaction records.


Atlas 5 - Feature updates & enhancements

Atlas 5 also incorporates a host of new features and enhancements, including an Atlas design "facelift." The new design uses a modern and smooth appearance with rounded corners, subtle shadows, and refreshing styles for all Atlas' features. In Focus Everywhere presents new layouts and styles to enhance your intranet's brand style. These improvements are applied in the updated workspace templates, that include new homepage designs. Finally, the new Quick Poll, allows you to insert polls into pages effortlessly, adding interactivity into your digital workplace. 

Set of Features 2

Branding Customization

Elevate your digital workplace's identity with Atlas Branding Customization. We put the power in your hands, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your organization's brand across various Atlas web parts. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all design – now, you can truly make Atlas your own. With intuitive controls like image filter intensity sliders and color selectors for image filters and themes, you can effortlessly align Atlas with your brand's unique aesthetic.

Empower communication and internal marketing managers to leave their mark on every corner of their digital workplace, fostering deeper employee engagement with your corporate brand. Discover how Atlas Branding Customization can transform your workspace into a branded oasis where your identity shines through every element, from cards to carousels and beyond. 

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Atlas 5 Quick Poll screenshot

Quick Polls

Quick Polls is a dynamic feature designed to transform your workplace engagement. With the ability to create single or multiple-choice polls offering up to six answers, Polls revolutionizes how you interact with your employees. Unlock the potential for more engaged, informed, and tightly knit teams as you delve into the world of interactive surveys.

From enhancing knowledge sharing to fostering team building, Polls is your go-to tool for elevating employee participation and strengthening your organization's bonds.

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Other updates

  • Atlas Webhooks: Hook your line-of-business applications to Atlas events (such us new workspaces being provisioned). The first webhook is now available which will allow you to hook into the "new workspace provisioned" event
  • Icons on SharePoint Toolbox: Easily identify Atlas Web Parts on the SharePoint toolbox with the new updated icons.
  • Call to Action Button on In Focus: If you want to include a link to “All items” or to another page after the In Focus results, you can do it by enabling “Show navigation button” and adding the text and link to your page.
  • Sizes on Hero and Spotlight items styles: On In Focus Hero and Spotlight item styles, you can choose from three different sizes that will modify the height of the component.
  • Verticals new style: If you want to give a new look to your Verticals, you can change them to use a Tabbed style in the web part settings.
  • Description on card: On the Visual Cards style for In Focus, we included a new setting to change the description from being shown when hovering the image, to instead being displayed on the card after the title.

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