ClearPeople provides software and services for the modern digital workplace. A team of bright, expert humans who understand, empathise and care for people first in the midst of digital change. Contact us if you'd like to chat about your digital transformation and digital workspace goals.

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  • Barry Wakelin
    Make it happen
    I worry about delivery excellence, ensuring that we delight our clients and focus on quality. I like to use the experience that has resulted in my grey hair to help clients make the best decisions about their technology investments, which in turn helps secure a strong long-term engagement.
  • Benjamin Moles
    One Family
    My goal is to return happiness to clients' faces by getting their issues and questions solved. As a Technical Service Manager I provide the required resources to support clients' applications and infrastructure. I also enjoy playing with remote-controlled helicopters.
  • Carlos Genero
    Love what we do
    I'm a member of our astonishing and talented SharePoint development team and focused on the development and delivery of Atlas to our clients. I have also been working with other .NET based technologies such as Kentico and Sitecore. Out of work hours and father duties, I love videogames, movies and hanging out with friends.
  • Clara Rodríguez
    One Family
    I develop the visual part of the website, everything that the user sees and interacts with, trying to recreate the coolest designs by my colleagues. In my free time I like to watch TV shows and hang out with my friends, but if it’s summer you will find me at the beach.
  • Eduardo Ibañez
    One Family
    As a Support Developer of the Managed Services team, I’m the one who takes care of the issues that our clients have regarding SharePoint. I often make internal team development and management of our support platform too. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, but also developing them!
  • Gabriel Karawani
    Make it happen
    My role is a wonderful mix of technology and business, and as one of our co-founders, I have had the privilege of working with all our awesome colleagues, clients and partners from day one. I get excited about new technology and helping our clients find ways of doing what they do even better.
  • Guillermo Bas
    Mutual respect
    I manage our development team from back-end to the most modern and cool front-end stuff, all polished to the highest standards thanks to our QA team. I like to play in some local leagues on weekends in the Alicante Table Tennis team.
  • Guillermo Ruiz
    Always adventurous
    I'm one of the developers on the SharePoint team. I feel passionate about JavaScript and all the related technologies and I'm always trying to learn more about it. I can never get enough of the acronyms! Out of work hours, I love playing videogames and watching e-sports.
  • Iain Stuart
    Love what we do
    Part of my job in the QA team is to discover bugs, but the role is much more than this, it’s adding value and quality throughout the delivery process. Finding bugs is just the tip of the iceberg. In my free time, I play golf, in a way this is like being in QA, always trying to improve the quality of my game!
  • Ian Jackson
    Always adventurous
    I help bring our designs to life on the front end while collaborating closely with the UX team. Always ready to tackle any project head on no matter how daunting, I like to keep on top of all things new and exciting in the world of web development.
  • Ivan Chesa
    One Family
    I’m part of the SharePoint development team. Besides working on client and internal projects, I enjoy learning more about other technologies like Azure. In my spare time I love playing video games with friends and I also like to watch TV shows.
  • Jeremy Kramer
    Integrity at our core
    I help clients to see the business value of .NET technologies and build effective digital strategies. As well as developing meaningful long-term relationships with clients, I love all things tech, and stepping out on the tennis court. Some say that Roger Federer learned how to play from watching me.
  • Jono Hodson
    Always adventurous
    I capture and translate complex requirements into working backlogs, wireframing, prototyping and UX design, whilst acting as a conduit between design and development. I can often be found cycling one of my many bikes, skateboarding, producing electronic music and walking in the countryside.
  • Jorge Garcia
    Love what we do
    I develop websites with Sitecore and mobile apps for iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform with Xamarin. I love developing apps and investigating exciting new ways to engage users. When I'm not in front of the computer, you'll find me practicing magic tricks or reading a great book.
  • Jose Poblet
    Love what we do
    As Service Manager in the Managed Services team I’m focused on improving customer service experience and creating engaged customers by taking ownership of customers issues and following problems through to resolution as well as setting a clear mission and deploying strategies focused towards that mission. I love sports, currently I’m playing padel and climbing outdoors on weekends.
  • Katya Linossi
    Always adventurous
    As one of the co-founders and CEO, my job is to shape the vision, strategy, culture and performance of ClearPeople. Other than being passionate about helping our clients transform the way they work, I enjoy planning our next travel adventure or trying out a new recipe. You will also find me on a yoga mat most mornings.
  • Lorena Jimenez
    Love what we do
    My job is to guarantee that we deliver solutions to the highest quality, detecting issues and suggesting improvements to get the best user experience. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family or watching independent horror films (even those about giant bugs).
  • Luis Mañez
    Always adventurous
    I help find the best technical designs to meet client needs and act as tech lead to build great solutions. I have fun with some R&D tasks, always trying to improve our tools and processes, and I often help the Microsoft community as a blogger and speaker, contributing to open source projects.
  • Matthew Quenby
    Mutual respect
    I'm a pragmatist and strategist, with a wealth of experience in taking new platforms and systems to market, being part of the first wave of Microsoft Public Cloud programs and SharePoint versions and initiatives. I enjoy building relationships with clients and the partner community.
  • Matthew Sammut
    Mutual respect
    I specialise in SharePoint and Office 365, working with clients to create engaging digital workspaces, improving productivity and efficiency within a secure environment. Outside of work you’ll find me thrashing someone on Fifa 17, watching a movie or planning the next holiday destination!
  • Miguel Angel Garcia
    One Family
    I’m a Senior SharePoint developer but I also enjoy the challenge of playing with other technologies and learning something new about the latest trends in software. In my free time I love to travel and spend time with my family around a table with good food and wine.
  • Miguel Llorca
    Mutual respect
    I'm responsible for all the technical decisions on projects for which I'm the Technical Lead. I'm involved in the revision of all the development tasks assigned to our developers and monitor the progress of our Sitecore projects. I like to share my free time with my children and my wife.
  • Nereida Sanchez
    One Family
    I implement all of the cool elements that you can see and interact with on a website. I am a book lover and although Tolkien and King books are always with me, I always find the time to play some video games too!
  • Patrick Proesmans
    Make it happen
    As Head of Managed Services, I ensure my team focuses on delivering "the ultimate support experience", meeting customer expectations and client satisfaction.
    When I’m not working I try to help my wife running her B&B or try to relax a bit playing some notes on my tenor horn, or go for some salsa dancing.
  • Peter Elliott
    Mutual respect
    I have over 25 years of IT sales experience; 8 years in this sector, 5 years in the Dynamics channel and 12 years working in the IT services sector area in Bermuda. I am a rugby enthusiast and still put on the boots every other week to play for my local VET’s side, Guildford. So if you see me with the odd black eye don’t be surprised!
  • Peter Harrison
    Integrity at our core
    I work with clients to get the most out of their Office 365 investments, and help them increase employee productivity by using Microsoft technology as effectively as possible. Outside of work you might find me at home playing guitar, or out at a gig or the climbing wall.
  • Petula Aardenburg
    One Family
    I work within the Sales and Marketing Team. My day consists of a variety of tasks from keeping our customer database up to date to handling sales enquiries and assisting with the preparation of proposals and presentations. In my spare time, I love to cook. Also, I’m a real animal friend!
  • Roberto Ramon
    Love what we do
    As Tech Lead, I help clients complete a successful project, mainly based in SharePoint. When I’m not completing client’s work, I'm often working on internal projects and adding my knowledge there. Outside of work I play paddle and love to compete with other people.
  • Simon Mitchinson
    Always adventurous
    I head up the Sales and Marketing team, helping us to deliver the best customer experience possible and ensuring long term relationships are retained which benefit all involved. I love to play golf at the weekends and spend time with my family.
  • Stephen
    Make it happen
    I head up the Product Division at ClearPeople. My job is to bring products to market that people love to use. Outside of work my 5 children tend to keep me busy and I’m a dedicated football supporter.

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