Atlas for Compliance and Governance


Atlas provides peace of mind

Office 365 governance and compliance can be time consuming and error prone if conducted manually. Good information governance not only aids findability of knowledge but helps mitigate risk and comply with policies and regulations. 


Decrease your workload and potential errors

Reduce data silos and duplication of groups

Expose compliance and governance issues

Get on top of governance

High value knowledge is scattered across different databases across the organisation, making it difficult for you to govern your data. To ensure regulatory compliance, enterprise information needs to be accurate, up-to-date, and in one place.

Atlas ConneX - Microsoft Teams screenshot

Provisioning made easy

Atlas ConneX provides a single intuitive interface to provision new Teams sites, information workspaces and more. It governs the process to ensure that naming conventions, business approved templates and metadata tags are applied, that notifications are sent and provides a management dashboard providing visibility of everything that has been created. This enables enterprise self-service whilst maintaining governance and security.

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Mandatory Reads

Mandatory Read

Ensure that new starters or those returning to work after a long period off, have read key documents. This little feature not only provides employees with relevant documents to read but these documents are also stored within the user's profile if they need to re-read it again.

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Success Story

"You cannot underestimate how important it was to be able to effectively target important health and safety communications to thousands of returning workers. And just as importantly, understand who has and who hasn't confirmed that they have been received and understood."


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