Atlas for Microsoft 365 Compliance

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Compliance is more of a practice than a specific department within a business. In today’s heavily regulated world all business processes and tasks need to be carried out in a compliant manner. Businesses evolve and so do the regulatory parameters in which they operate.

Consequences are severe if a process has failed to be compliant or, worse still, negligent.


The Compliance Team collaborates with all levels of the business to:

  • Implement the necessary policies, procedures and controls that encompass business processes to ensure that regulatory standards are being met.
  • Coordinate the actions of necessary audits, controls and investigations into business processes to ensure that no breeches occur.


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Automated tagging

Atlas ensures all information within a digital workplace process is properly tagged using a combination of automation and user prompts. This means information is found easily and automatically presented to the user in the context of their work area.


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Target specific users

Information can be targeted at specific departments and people.

Using Atlas saves you lot of time and ensures resource isn’t wasted to getting (often critical) messages to the right people at the right time.

Keep employees focused

Using Atlas, a compliance team can create multiple compliance areas and use tagging and targeting to ensure that individual employees/teams/projects are receiving and actioning all the compliance information they need to do their job. All in the place of their day to day work with minimal disruptions.


Distribute mandatory reads in a few clicks

Monitor read rates

Ensure new starters have all the on-boarding documents they need

Reduce compliance breaches

Mandatory Reads

Mandatory Read

Ensure that new starters or those returning to work after a long period off, have read key documents. This little feature not only provides employees with relevant documents to read but these documents are also stored within the user's profile if they need to re-read it again.

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Provisioning made easy

Atlas ConneX provides a single intuitive interface to provision new Teams sites, information workspaces and more. It governs the process to ensure that naming conventions, business approved templates and metadata tags are applied, that notifications are sent and provides a management dashboard providing visibility of everything that has been created. This enables enterprise self-service whilst maintaining governance and security.

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