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Provide your team with the easiest, fastest way to find what they need and empower knowledge creators, wherever they may be working. 



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In most organisations only a small set of people contribute and share knowledge because they’re the only ones who know where, and how, to do it. We've developed Atlas to change this, by making knowledge available to the many, not the few. And it’s transforming organisations.

We've put together a Knowledge Productivity Playbook to help you navigate the ins and outs of knowledge in a hybrid working world.

This playbook answers that critical questions: “How do you improve knowledge in the new world of work? How do you make organisational knowledge perform better?"


A comprehensive guide including:

  • How to create high performing knowledge teams

  • How to overcome knowledge management challenges
  • Measuring and sustaining progress
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We are redefining knowledge management

Atlas makes finding and sharing knowledge in Microsoft Office 365 intuitive, with tools that engage users to capture knowledge, a centralised knowledge base and a powerful search experience. 

Atlas overcomes some of the key challenges organisations face when it comes to:

  • only a small percentage of people contribute knowledge in an organisation
  • information and knowledge is stuck in silos
  • knowledge is often not captured or converted from unstructured data
  • knowledge is hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for. 

Knowledge management powered by Microsoft Viva

Automating mundane and time-consuming tasks to speed up knowledge processes.

Advanced AI and machine teaching amplifies human expertise

Automate content processing and extract meaningful metadata

Make information instantly discoverable through auto-tagging


Weightman's digital transformation journey

Business Services and Innovations Director, Stuart Whittle, sees Atlas as a core business platform for their digital transformation. Here he shares the main search and knowledge related problems Weightman used Atlas to tackle and the immediate outcomes they achieved.


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Atlas has everything you need for knowledge management

Atlas Knowledge workspaces

Knowledge Workspace

Atlas Knowledge Centres are visually engaging with an enriched user experience that brings content to life. They are designed on top of Microsoft Office 365 to accommodate large data sets and advanced data classification features.

Atlas algorithms pull knowledge together in specific knowledge workspaces. You can have many knowledge workspaces in your organisation, each of them managed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and each of them displaying content relevant to their expert area, irrespective of where the content originates.

Naturally this is all combined with enterprise grade permission trimming, content classification and data protection from the underlying Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure.


Bring knowledge sources together


Atlas collates information that normally sits in separate silos in Microsoft Office 365 such as documents, external insights, Yammer conversations, Teams chat and more.

Knowledge In Focus

This is a dynamic Atlas web part that automatically retrieves search results relevant to the user’s context.

Add It - First Steps of Wizard - only showing wizard - with Add it button-1

Capture knowledge in a single click

The lessons learned in the course of a project are of immense value to the organisation. But where do you store this knowledge? How do you store it? And how do you make it accessible?

Atlas has you covered. Click on the Add It icon, and the intuitive wizard takes you through a few easy steps to contribute your valuable knowledge.

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Atlas Search

Powerful search

Atlas provides an enterprise search experience that delivers more relevant search results, increasing productivity and saving time.

  • Access tremendous amount of data
  • Consistent experience and results across desktop, mobile and web
  • Auto-suggest with results based on previous activity 
  • Related and associated query terms
  • Microsoft Graph connectors can deliver external data

What our clients say

  • "Like many professional services organisations, we were struggling with content management and knowledge sharing. This traditional challenge was heightened by three factors: the incredible islands of content and knowledge held broadly in the legacy brands; the fact that one in five employees has been with the company for less than a year with millennials being the fastest growing workforce demographic; and the workforce becoming much more mobile."

    Bryan Ackermann, Chief Information Officer, Korn Ferry

  • "Atlas fluidly connected me to people, content, and knowledge and immediately enhanced my effectiveness in my new role."

    Brandon Johnson, CIO, Korn Ferry

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