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Atlas Search

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High-performance search for enterprise users

Atlas helps you find what you need, fast.  From customer agreements and service orders, to lessons-learned and knowledge articles - and even Subject Matter Experts.

Atlas combines Microsoft 365 search capabilities with Atlas' unique approach to Information Architecture (IA) and taxonomy, which is automatically applied everywhere across Atlas workspaces. Whether you are a lawyer, an engineer, a consultant or an AI, Atlas delivers the enterprise search results you need.

For information workers, Atlas' consolidated and aggregated search experience surfaces content across thousands of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, the Intranet and other Microsoft 365 repositories. You can even extend search to external sources and databases -with all results delivered in a single place.

The outcome? Unmatched search results in seconds. 

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People Search

Atlas People: the expertise finder

Do you need to find a French speaking marketer based in the London office?

Or perhaps you're wondering if a site engineer has encountered a similar issue on a different project?

The Atlas People web part finds the people with the expertise you need – and then lets you contact them directly.

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Atlas In Focus: the smart extension that curates content for you

The Atlas In Focus extension is an incredibly flexible and versatile feature of Atlas.

With its many out-of-the-box modes choose what you want In Focus to automatically display in context for your users. Whether it is relevant News, Events, Knowledge, Documents and People. 

Or combinations that you choose as In Focus allows you to display a variety of content on your page, personalised by role, team, project or other criteria.  

With a click of a button, enable sorting, apply filters or enable pagination.

You choose how to help you users stay In Focus, and displayed results according to your preferences, configurable in multiple views and modes, including tile mode, list mode or in a carousel. 

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The real impact of Atlas Seach




ClearPeople client, Weightmans, implemented Atlas and were quickly impressed with the ways in which Atlas Search has improved how people find and share knowledge.

Stuart Whittle (Business Services and Innovations Director) and Kevin Brown (IT Director) discuss the initial outcomes the company saw with Atlas within days of the implementation.

Watch the video to understand how Atlas has transformed the way people at Weightmans work.

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Atlas Search Features


As an end-user, Atlas does the search for you in the context of where you are working, bringing back content, whether documents, pages, news or other, without you even having to manually start a search.


Interested in what is going on, in specific locations, or specific departments or even a specific project or expertise area? With a few clicks, you can experience how Atlas gets really personal.


Easily set-up directory and listing pages for easy access to content, such as a "People Directory" or "External Insights Listing". Cater for specific line of business needs, with for instance Client Directory, Proposals and Bids Directory, and much more.

People Expertise Finder

Need to find a French speaking engineer based in the London office? The Atlas People web part will let you do just that, and then communicate directly.

In Focus pre-sets

Atlas is all about allowing you to focus on what you need. With Atlas "In Focus", a number of preconfigured components allows you to deliver search results focused on Knowledge, News, Documents, People, External Insights and more. 

My Workspaces

Atlas helps users search for and easily get to more than just content. Atlas provides an incredibly useful workspace search and navigation feature, to quickly access the Teams, Teams Channels and SharePoint sites you need to get into, to do your work.

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