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Guide: Delivering Intranet Success

6 February 2023

12 intranet professionals on mastering adoption and engagement

Internal communication and collaboration is now more than ever, key to business productivity. And when it comes to implementing the systems and staff to make this a reality, there is often a big investment required in terms of time, resources and budget.

So what happens when a shiny new intranet is deployed? Everybody uses it how you envisioned they would, productivity is enhanced and you prove ROI to your senior stakeholders within the first 3 months, right? 

Without a thoroughly researched and planned adoption and governance strategy, engagement with a new corporate intranet is not always easy and so we invited intranet and digital professionals from some of the top law firms to a roundtable session recently to discuss their own experiences in intranet adoption.

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This report is informed by their opinions and aims to give intranet and comms professionals in the legal sector and beyond an insight into the challenges and opportunities ahead. It is by no means an exhaustive overview but can help you to elicit further discussion within your own organisation.

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