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ClearPeople are experts at implementing Office 365 intranet solutions


Our tried and tested approach to delivering successful Office 365 intranet solutions and knowledge management projects, has enabled us to develop a platform where employees can easily find, share and get access to the latest news, documents and information from whatever device they are on, wherever they are.

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What makes Atlas stand out?

Atlas is more than a communications intranet, it is a true digital workspace. We focus on people to overcome the complexities of technology and therefore inclusivity is a key part of our Atlas vision and key to engagement.

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Get the most out of your Office 365 Intranet

For organisations who have already invested in Office 365 (renamed to Microsoft 365), it makes sense to utilise more of what is available to solve some of the common challenges in terms of communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

To most people an intranet is: “That thing we have for company news at work".

However, a modern intranet is a dynamic, interesting platform that you use to stay connected to your company. It’s the tool at the heart of your workplace and because it’s easy to contribute to, it reflects the people who use it.

ClearPeople revaluated the way businesses communicate internally and how information should be shared. That is why we developed Atlas - the people-first digital workspace. Atlas is built for and on Office 365.

Ready to get started with your Microsoft Office 365 intranet solution?

What we are doing is so revolutionary that it is hard to explain. The best way to evaluate Atlas, is for us to demonstrate it to you.

If your organisation has more than 500 employees and you’re using Microsoft 365 - Atlas could be a great fit for you.

Book your demo and start your Office 365 intranet journey today.

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