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ClearPeople is really cool! How we’re able to deal with the current heatwave | ClearPeople, Atlas, Teams, Microsoft Office 365

25 July 2019

ClearPeople is really cool! How we’re able to deal with the current heatwave

25 July 2019

OK, so we Brits are renowned for our ability to complain about the weather and we’ve heard plenty of moans over the last week of unusually hot weather here in London.

But as a cloud-first business we’ve been able to respond seamlessly and rapidly to the changing climate. Our teams are able to work from home as a matter of course and so it was as simple as creating a Teams post to inform everyone about the travel warnings and weather forecasts for the week ahead and to suggest that they work from home to help reduce congestion and the risk of overheating.

Our digital workspace solutions mean that we’re able to work out loud from wherever we may happen to find ourselves. The combination of access from any device from any location and our collaborative platforms means that everyone’s engaged whenever and wherever they need to be.  It’s true business agility and something we’ve taken great pleasure in sharing with our clients who’ve transformed their businesses with Atlas – our intelligent Digital Workspace.  Why not take a look at what Atlas and Microsoft 365 can do to transform your business before the next heatwave hits and your staff are left stranded, overheated or ineffectual.

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