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ClearPeople are Microsoft Syntex Launch Partners

17 October 2022

We’re delighted to announce that Microsoft has recognised ClearPeople as Microsoft Syntex Launch Partner at Microsoft Ignite 2022.

Last week, Microsoft Syntex was launched at Microsoft Ignite. Microsoft Syntex adds Artificial Intelligence content service capabilities to SharePoint document libraries, creating content understanding models that automatically classify the many and various documents in those libraries. Essentially Microsoft Syntex enables businesses to efficiently use the information stored in its documents.

This launch announcement follows the work ClearPeople has been doing with SharePoint Syntex since 2019, as one of the original SharePoint Syntex launch partners in October 2020.

With the renaming to Microsoft Syntex, the capabilities are also expanding, to include:

  • Document Processing (the original capability of SharePoint Syntex)
  • Content Assembly (document creation automation)
  • Auto-translation of documents
  • Auto-summarising of documents
  • Image, audio and video processing
  • eSignature
  • Annotate with ink, notes, redactions and more
  • Content rules processor
  • Infrastructure capabilities such as tiered storage and backup

As part of the launch, Microsoft has defined a new category of technology solutions called Content AI. “Content AI utilizes advancements in cloud and AI to transform how content is created, processed, and discovered—empowering people and automating workflows at scale. It builds on cloud content services platforms and intelligent document processing with AI-powered workflows that transform digital work.” Microsoft

As a partner, our Atlas Digital Workplace platform, helps deliver and augments content solutions based on SharePoint to customers, allowing our customers to take advantage of an ever-expanding set of capabilities from Microsoft Power Platform, Stream, Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Viva Topics, and now Microsoft Syntex.

We work with Microsoft through the Microsoft Content AI Partner Program (CAPP). CAPP supports partners delivering solutions that make the transformation of your content management approach practical and attainable.

Atlas Digital Workplace promotes new ways of working by bringing people and knowledge together. Atlas is forging its own category as a knowledge productivity platform that is designed to engage and empower teams, wherever they may be.

ClearPeople’s Director and Co-Founder Gabriel Karawani says: “This is really exciting for those of us that work on building products to enable better productivity with people and knowledge at the center. Our customers will see massive benefits from this in our continued integration with and support for Syntex and Viva Topics. We are only at the beginning of what we can achieve in the knowledge productivity space.”


About ClearPeople

ClearPeople provides software for the modern digital workplace. Our unique skills and history has enabled us to develop Atlas, the people-first digital workplace solution that is tightly integrated with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva and Syntex.

Atlas is an all-on-one platform for knowledge, communication and collaboration that engages and empowers your team wherever they may be. It unlocks the hidden knowledge in your organisation and increases corporate memory by bringing knowledge and people together. Our customers do more, sell more, and achieve more with Atlas.

For more information, please contact:

Ilse Passet – Marketing
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