Atlas 2.3 Release

4 May 2021

Atlas 2.3 Release

4 May 2021

We are very proud to roll out another Atlas release with lots of new and improved features.

What’s new in Atlas 2.3?

Atlas HoverPoint

You can now use interactive images to inform and share key information across the entire organisation, to any type of user.

Atlas HoverPoint is a new tool focused on several employee scenarios.

Frontline workers
Use imagery to visually display critical knowledge to frontline workers and make important information stand out. Visually highlight: health and safety advice, technical guides, floor plans indicating emergency exits, electrical or network points, facilities etc.

Imagine a simple scenario where an employee simply scans a QR code on a site and is immediately presented with health & safety standards in the relation to the location that they are in. Or scan a code on the entrance to an office floor where HoverPoint then indicates available facilities and emergency information and contacts.

HoverPoint(s) can be added to any Atlas page as well as any Microsoft Teams Tab.

Read more about Atlas HoverPoint


Saved Filters In Focus web part

We have added a new feature to our In Focus web parts. Page editors can now set specific filters within any individual page(s). This means that users landing on a certain page where specific filters have been applied will have information displayed automatically based on the saved filter parameters.

This is particularly useful if multiple types of documents that need to be laid out in a single page. These could be Fact Sheets, Bid Documents, Signed Contracts etc. News from different regions can now be pre-populated based on specific criteria.

Page editors now have a lot more flexibility when adding content to any Atlas page. The In Focus Filters web parts can be displayed on the page to enable users to change the selections or removed so that the selections are fixed.

All Search Scope & Listing Page

Finally, one of the most popular requests from Atlas users. We had a lot of requests for an “All” search scope that displays all Atlas content. This update means that users are now provided with a more streamlined experience. Users can now find Knowledge, News, FAQs, or People with just a single click. Content, People and FAQs are then presented with their own individual filters.

Atlas - All Search Filters

Atlas Search now displays search content types in a more structured manner. This makes it easier to find the specific content you need.

Atlas - Search Filters

Other feature updates

  • Collaboration templates are being updated by applying the standard Atlas page templates to these workspaces.
  • You can now automatically apply the Atlas Home page as a tab in MS Teams for workspaces created by ConneX.
  • Removal of the Wiki tab from MS Teams for any workspaces that are created by ConneX.
  • Add It updates:
    • A People picker for Mandatory Reads and Useful Links
    • An Image picker for Spotlights
    • The ability (subject to permissions) to create new terms automatically when applying tags.