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8 February 2021

"People First" is one of our main company values and we don't want this to be just a nice phrase on a plaque on the wall. No, we see it as one of our top priorities in everything we do.

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If as a company you really have a "People First" mindset, then customer success and customer experience also need to be top priorities and over the last year we have been reviewing how we could improve in these areas.

Throughout the previous years our Managed Services team always scored well in terms of customer feedback and we are confident our clients have always been quite happy with the way their support requests were handled.

For almost a year now, we have been using new tools to capture your feedback on ticket handling in an automated and systematic way and we can proudly state our overall CSAT score, throughout the whole period we're measuring, is over 97%.

At the beginning of 2020 we introduced Customer Success Managers as a new role to ensure we help clients with things pro-active tasks like roll-out planning, adoption and on-boarding for Atlas and again feedback about Sarah, our CSM Team Lead, and her team has been consistently great but we had the feeling we could still do better.

We decided we wanted to kick it up a notch and ensure our internal teams communicate and coordinate in the most optimal way so we can provide the extraordinary customer experience that we always want to provide. Therefore, we have decided to do some internal restructuring and we've put all our client facing resources together in one team creating our "Success Department".

Our Success Department is there for YOU!

As I mentioned above, the Success Department contains all our client facing service teams: our Customer Success Managers, the Customer Support team, our Technical Success Consultants and even our Infrastructure & Security team who are ever more important helping you to navigate the complexities of identity and access management and network security.

Having all these great experts as members of one single department will help us to optimise and streamline our processes and make sure we can provide you with the best possible customer experience.

We introduced the Customer Success Manager role in 2020 but now we've also instigated a Customer Success Agent role. This is your level 1 support contact, reporting to our Service Manager, Jose. But where in the past we may have focused on highly technical resources in support, we've now shifted that focus to be an Atlas advocate who is far more customer-oriented and therefore can provide far more than just a technical resolution. With Jason we hired our very first Senior Customer Success Agent. He's really owning the ticket queue and ensures very close co-ordination on all support requests with yourselves and internally with our Customer Success Managers, always with the aim of going beyond ticket-resolution to help you get the best from your Atlas investment.

We are convinced that with this setup we can again improve the way we deliver service to you and help you to get the most on your Atlas journey.

Your feedback is important!

As mentioned earlier, we're capturing your feedback on ticket handling and that turns has proven to be very positive (thanks!) but we also want to get your feedback in other areas such as our Customer Success and consultancy activities.

We really value your feedback and use it to serve you better in the future, so we want to ask you to, now and then, take a minute to reply if you get a small feedback survey from us.

We will always keep the survey very short and it will only take you a minute to reply but that minute of effort will hopefully be a big benefit to you in the future. Without your insight it's very difficult for us to understand how our efforts are received and if we provide you the service you expect and need.

However, there’s no need to wait for a survey if you’d like to provide your feedback - you're most welcome to share your insights whenever you have contact with anybody in our Success Department. Don't hesitate to flag up anything on your calls with your CSM or just give us a call or send a message whenever you think it's appropriate.

I hope this short update gives some insight about how we value our customers and how we are trying to adhere to our "People First" company value. As Head of Success I'm responsible for your end-to-end customer success journey, coordinating all client facing activities and initiatives. Therefore, my team and I are always available for you and we will do everything we can to work together with you in the most optimal way to help you be successful.

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Patrick Proesmans

Patrick Proesmans

As Head of Success I’m responsible for all activities related to the full customer success journey. We want to provide our clients the best possible customer experience and meet customer expectations. When I’m not working I try to keep the weeds out of my garden and to enjoy the Spanish sun in the Alicante area.

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