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Microsoft Viva Learning - Features and Licensing


MS Viva Learning is available as an app within Teams. Organisations and their users can access Viva Learning's features either through a 'seeded' or 'premium' license.

Features included for all paid Teams users

This is what Microsoft refers to as the 'seeded' license, which effectively means that if you have any of the Microsoft 365 / Office 365 F1, F3, E4, A3, E5 to A5 licenses you get access to a decent amount of features, including:

  • The Viva Learning app in Teams
  • Access to a range of top courses from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Trainings
  • Integration with the full LinkedIn Learning Library (a separate subscription to LinkedIn is needed)
  • Interest-based personalisation
  • SharePoint integration
  • Search for learning content
  • Share (to a Team or chat)
  • Create learning tabs
  • Bookmarking / My Learning
  • View featured content

NOTE: Atlas customers will immediately have full support for MS Viva Learning integration with the Atlas workspace.

Unlocked premium features

For customers with more advanced learning and development requirements the premium version provides access to the following advanced features (with Microsoft promising more to come):

  • Admin controls for featured learning content / campaigns
  • Integration with 3rd party LMS (Learning Management Systems). (Separate subscriptions for those 3rd parties will be needed.)
  • Integration with 3rd party learning content providers. (Separate subscriptions for those 3rd parties will be needed.)
  • Recommendations / management

The features can be unlocked by purchasing one of the following license options (valid as of 2 November 2021):

  • Microsoft Viva Learning (USD4 per user per month)
  • Microsoft Viva (USD9 per user per month). This is also known as the Viva Suite.
  • Microsoft Viva with Glint Add-on (USD12 per user per month)


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