Atlas Knowledge Centres

Atlas Knowledge Centres/Centers are designed on top of Office 365 to accommodate large data sets and take full advantage of the advanced data classification features available in Office 365.

There is no limit to the number of Knowledge Centres that can be created in Atlas, each Knowledge Centre has its own unique taxonomy model.

Knowledge Centres are visually engaging, the user experience is enriched by displaying content through Atlas features that bring content to life and are set out intuitively in the page layouts. Whether the content is knowledge pages, documents, content spotlights or in page text, Atlas Knowledge Centres are the ideal place to publish knowledge.

Add It - First Steps of Wizard - only showing wizard

Adding knowledge could not be simpler

Add It enables all users to easily add content into Information Hubs. Content may be News, Events, Articles/Content Pages, External Insight and Documents.

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Social and discoverable, but secure and safe

Atlas makes democratising and socialising knowledge, facilitating discussions and capturing information easier and more engaging. Atlas Knowledge Centres allow a de-centralised approach to managing and curating knowledge relating to a specific business area, allowing the right level of engagement from the relevant SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). All the knowledge information within each Knowledge Centre is tightly governed and adheres to the underlying information security policies, while global search and automatic personalised listing features allows knowledge to be delivered to the right users in the right context across the organisation.


When you provide thought-leaders and subject matter experts with the tools they need to easily and automatically share their knowledge and experience as part of their daily routine, everyone across the organisation wins. Atlas' Add It feature streamlines the process of adding knowledge to the digital workspace, while the Atlas personalisation, search and listing features automatically pushes relevant knowledge out in front of users in the right context.

For example, consider a Senior Programme Manager in a Construction and Engineering firm. Within her Atlas digital workspace experience she will automatically see information (Knowledge, News, Events and more) relevant to her location, her department and preferences. So even without searching, knowledge will be presented to her in the relevant context automatically.

The Programme Manager is able to contribute various types of knowledge by clicking the "Add It" button which is visible and available anywhere within the digital workspace, The Add It button takes her through a user centric process requiring no technical or in-depth understanding of the digital workspace structure, resulting in knowledge being added automatically to the correct location and associated to any relevant workflows. Add It will also encourage the user to tag the knowledge during the process.


Atlas ConneX gives our enterprise users the ability to create multiple Knowledge Centres to reflect the organisational structure and business practices. In addition to the global taxonomy, each Knowledge Centre can have its own specific taxonomy model allowing better classification of knowledge, which in turn drives better automation of content delivery and a better experience for users browsing or searching for information.


We are very excited by the announcement of Project Cortex. Project Cortex is the next generation technology for document management (DM) and knowledge management (KM) in Office 365 and enables the mining and extraction of knowledge from data. This compliments our Atlas solution offering.

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