Atlas Knowledge Centres

Atlas Knowledge Workspace

Atlas Knowledge Centres for knowledge  management and sharing 

A knowledge center should be designed to help people share information and knowledge. 

Atlas Knowledge Centres are visually engaging with an enriched user experience that brings content to life. Whether the content is knowledge pages, documents, content spotlights or in page text.

Atlas algorithms pull knowledge together in specific knowledge centres. You can have many knowledge centres in your organisation, displaying content relevant to an expert area, irrespective of where the content originates.

Naturally this is all combined with enterprise grade permission trimming, content classification and data protection from the underlying Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure.

Atlas Knowledge Centres are the ideal place to publish knowledge.

Atlas Screenshot Knowledge in Focus

We are redefining knowledge management

Atlas makes finding and sharing knowledge in Microsoft Office 365 intuitive, with tools that engage users to capture knowledge, centralised knowledge centres and a powerful search experience. 

Atlas overcomes some of the key challenges organisations face when it comes to:

  • only a small percentage of people contribute knowledge in an organisation
  • information and knowledge is stuck in silos
  • knowledge is often not captured or converted from unstructured data
  • knowledge is hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for. 

Knowledge Productivity Playbook

We've put together a Knowledge Productivity Playbook to help you navigate the ins and outs of knowledge.

This playbook answers the critical questions:

  • How do you improve knowledge in the new world of work?
  • How do you make organisational knowledge perform better?

Knowledge Productivity Playbook Cover-1


Add It - First Steps of Wizard - only showing wizard

Adding knowledge could not be simpler

Contribute various types of knowledge by clicking "Add It" and then being guided by an intuitive step-by-step process.

Social and discoverable, but secure and safe

Atlas makes democratising and socialising knowledge easier and more engaging. Atlas Knowledge Centres allow a de-centralised approach to managing and curating knowledge. All knowledge information within each knowledge centre is tightly governed.


When you provide users with the tools they need to easily and automatically share their knowledge and experience, everyone across the organisation wins. 

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