Microsoft 365 features supported or enhanced

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Do more with Microsoft 365

Atlas also enables customers to embed an array of standard M365 services into its pages and templates.

Want a Power BI dashboard that automatically displays the latest finance reports. Or a Forms dashboard for those frontline workers? Or a map to show the location of an office?

Simply embed this data into Atlas and we’ll make sure it gets seen by the right people at the right time.

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Microsoft supported features

  • Flow Bot for Atlas approvals
  • Power Apps for business function
  • Power BI embedded in pages or displayed in an analytics dashboard
  • Forms for any area of your business
  • Stream for private video content
  • Bing Maps
  • Site Activity showing who is doing what in your workspace
  • Image gallery
  • Weather – and who doesn’t like to talk about it?
Add It 2.0

Add It

This simple feature enables all Atlas users to easily add content (News, Events, Knowledge, External Insights and Documents) into a relevant workspace.

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Atlas ConneX

Atlas ConneX is a powerful and user-friendly tool that improves the findability of content and the search experience of Teams and Groups. 

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Atlas screenshot Atlas in Teams

Microsoft Teams

Atlas and Teams are seamlessly working in tandem. Atlas apps, tools, webparts and features can be accessed directly in Microsoft Teams.

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