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Reduce costly mistakes

Atlas Bid Hub Clipboard Information in one place easy to find effective cross organization collaboration no time wasted on duplicated effort

A single platform that enables quality work

Atlas is a powerful digital workplace platform where employees can find the knowledge, documents, information, and tools they need - in seconds.

Information and key learnings are accessible and are consistently and appropriately shared to all workers – reducing costly mistakes and allowing deadlines to be met or exceeded.

  • Information is understandable and accessible to all workers.
  • Key learnings are constantly and consistently shared across the firm.
  • Costly mistakes are significantly reduced.
  • Project deadlines are met or exceeded.
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Increase project success with Atlas

  • End-to-end project teamwork within Microsoft Teams.
  • Single view of all your projects in one intuitive and collaborative workspace. 
  • Smart filtering lets you find what you're looking for easily; search projects by customer, team member, subject area and more.
  • New project workspaces customised to your teams' preferences and using Microsoft tools your teams knows, means you hit the ground running.

How Atlas reduces costly mistakes

Access anywhere

Provide access to project information on any device and the location where it is most needed.

Capture knowledge

Atlas Add It makes it easy for employees to add and share structured and searchable knowledge.

Relevant content 

Atlas Workspace provides targeted and relevant information to the user in the context of their work.

Find answers quickly

Atlas Search makes it easier to find what is required instantly.

Cater for all abilities

Turn any picture into a responsive, interactive image with Atlas HoverPoint.

Lessons learnt

Atlas Knowledge Centres, FAQs and other features can be used to create valuable learnings.

Case Study Laing O'Rourke

Atlas provides Laing O'Rourke's frontline employees the tools and information they needed to work effectively during the pandemic.

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Information all in one place

Atlas enables quality work and reduces costly mistakes so you'll never miss project deadlines.

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