Atlas Reduces Operational Cost


Doing more with less – an over-used phrase?  Not anymore 

Atlas is a natural starting point for transforming your organisational productivity, which in turn impacts the bottom-line.  We haven’t spoken to anyone in recent times who has mentioned increased staffing levels, spare resources or burgeoning centralised knowledge management teams.  Everyone is being asked to do more with less.  Smaller teams are having to learn new ways of working without the benefit of close physical presence, making the task of filling the gaps and streamlining processes even harder.  A highly functional knowledge management platform within a digital workspace is no longer a luxury but a necessity. 

Atlas is proven to save time and money and to support revolutionary changes in working practices such as those we’re experiencing now. 

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Save time, Think-5

Ever thought about all of those tedious, sometimes repetitive tasks that you do in your working life, how much of your time they take up? How many 5 minutes are wasted, every single day?

What if we could begin to make tasks simpler or remove them altogether? Think of all of the 5 minutes that we would save, time then made available for more important stuff.

This is what is behind our Think-5 principle. We build simple, easy to use tools that are designed to save those 5 minutes. 

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Consolidation of infrastructure and systems

Atlas together with Office 365 provide considerable savings from consolidating old infrastructure that is no longer required as well as reduce IT's involvement in supporting legacy applications. 


Reduction in operating expenses

A true digital workspace is proven to reduce real-estate costs either by decreasing the need for opening new offices or reducing the square footage needed to house your team. According to Global Workplace Analytics, employers can save over $11,000 per half-time remote worker per year.


Reduce operational costs with Atlas

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