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Atlas enables rapid expansion for Wireless Logic

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Wireless Logic selected Atlas to keep pace with change and aid collaboration.

Experts in IoT (internet of things), Wireless Logic provides innovative and secure solutions to clients across all sectors. 

A rapidly growing business with a number of recent acquisitions, Wireless Logic needed to upgrade their SharePoint application to one that could keep pace with the changes and enable all entities to collaborate and benefit from their collective expertise.

With multiple new companies coming into the fold, a key need was to centralise information and make it easier to find. In addition, the organisation needed to provision working areas within Microsoft 365 in keeping with the company's data rules and governance policies, while still accommodating diverse cultures and work practices.

Key highlights

Rapid implementation

A pragmatic, agile approach streamlined decision-making and enabled a rapid implementation of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Atlas within a matter of months.

Inclusive company culture

With a homepage available in 8 languages, Atlas has made communication across team, geographic and language borders easier, enabling a more inclusive company culture.

Enhanced findability

All internal documents, data and other information is centralised and everyone is kept up to date on essential external news, insights and legislation changes .

Atlas helps Wireless Logic achieve great results.

Project goal

A centralised digital workplace to manage knowledge and documents, address findability and enable employees around the globe to collaborate easily. Requirements included:

  • Knowledge management
  • Document management
  • Intranet

The project

An upgraded SharePoint intranet solution that keeps pace with the company’s growth and provides a centralised, multilingual hub for information and culture.

The results

  • Atlas was used to speed up the implementation of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
  • Centralisation of documents and data and improved findability of information helps users work efficiently.
  • A more consistent, inclusive company culture.
  • Easier communication across teams and geographic and language boundaries.
  • Matthew Tate

    Chief Operations Officer
    “Atlas is the cohesive glue that helps us meet the challenges of being a rapidly growing company across different teams and countries – particularly with things like findability and usability."
  • Matthew Tate

    Chief Operations Officer
    "Atlas makes knowledge and document management a part of our company culture and keeps us moving forward."
The Atlas Digital Workplace enhances communication, collaboration and knowledge capabilities.

About Wireless Logic

Experts in IoT (internet of things) connectivity, Wireless Logic provides innovative and secure technology solutions to clients across all sectors. Founded in the UK in 2000, Wireless Logic is a rapidly growing business with recent expansion into locations from the US and Europe to China and Asia-Pacific.

Atlas Platform overview

The Atlas Digital Workplace includes out-of-the-box communications, collaboration and knowledge capabilities for end-users, management and IT.

Atlas is installed within the customer's Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tenant and Azure infrastructure, leveraging existing Microsoft 365 licenses, security/compliance settings, Active Directory and more.

The platform fully supports Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Groups, Planner, OneNote, Power Apps, Power BI and much more.

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