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Can your people find what they're looking for?

Is that nugget of information in SharePoint, Teams, or an email? 

If you feel as though your organisation has too much stuff across too many digital tools and no one is able to find what they're looking for, you are not alone.

But Atlas has your back. Atlas Search delivers more relevant search results, increasing productivity and saving time. Atlas Search collates content that normally sits in separate silos in Microsoft 365, helping you find information, people and collaboration workspaces from within a single interface.

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The real impact of Atlas Search

ClearPeople client, Weightmans, implemented Atlas and were quickly impressed with the ways in which Atlas Search has improved how people find and share knowledge.

Stuart Whittle (Business Services and Innovations Director) and Kevin Brown (IT Director) discuss the initial outcomes the company saw with Atlas within days of the implementation.

Watch the video to understand how Atlas has transformed the way people at Weightmans work.

Knowledge feature snippets

Search Capabilities

Atlas Search provides an enterprise search experience that uses AI, machine learning and automation to deliver more relevant search results. Atlas searches for information that typically sits in separate silos in Microsoft Office - documents, Team chats, Yammer conversations and more, saving time and increasing productivity. With Atlas Search people are able to:

  • Find knowledge fast
  • Discover data that resides in silos
  • Filter for desired results
  • “Save Search”  with Knowledge Tracker
  • Get multiple result types in single user experience
  • Set permissions for security
  • Build personal links in My Links
  • Get context driven links
  • Enjoy a consistent experience

Video Demo: Atlas Search

In this demonstration video (9:09) of the Atlas Search capability, watch how a user is able to quickly gather information across multiple Teams and SharePoint workspaces.

This Atlas Search demo video uses the example of a Quality Assurance Manager collating all the relevant bid, contract, project and close-out documentation they need for a post-project quality assurance report.

In Focus dots

Atlas In-Focus

Atlas In-Focus enables you to display all your customers, product ranges, service lines or processes and procedures in easy-to-navigate listings or carousels.

This Atlas web part also allows you to filter across departments, territories, sectors and time.

In Focus lets you home in on the information you need.


Atlas ConneX screenshot in monitor

Atlas ConneX

Trying to find the workspace for that huge tender you worked on last year with Sara? Don't worry if you can't remember if it was in SharePoint, Teams or Yammer - Atlas ConneX will find it, fast.

Atlas ConneX allows you to easily navigate across all your O365 Groups in a single interface. You're able to search by group or member, apply filters for guest access, archived groups, private or public.

Jump straight into Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Planner or OneNote and search.

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Atlas Search

Simply search across all workspaces with pre-configured search scopes.


Directory and Listing pages for easy access to content, such as People Directory or External Insights Listing.

Atlas In Focus Filter

A filter component linked to the In Focus web part that enables user to filter results by Location, Department, Subject etc.

Useful Links

Provide easy access points in the relevant workspace to frequently accessed content that may be deep within the structural hierarchy, or external links that contextually support the content.

People Expertise Finder

Need to find a French speaking engineer based in the London office? The Atlas People web part will let you do just that, and then communicate directly.

My Groups

All your latest O365 Groups available in one place. From the card see your group members, or jump straight into Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Documents, Planner or OneNote.