Office 365 Consultancy

ClearPeople’s London Office 365 consultants are experts in migration, development, integration, adoption and support. We help you not only with the adoption of Office 365 but to gain business value from your investment.

Sometimes simple practical advice is what creates the biggest excitement. Other times, we need to go deep and sort out underlying issues before Office 365 can be leveraged to its full potential. Either way, having worked with many clients across a variety of sectors, we have noticed common patterns, short falls and gaps leading to inefficient or disappointing user journeys. In turn this has led us to develop some really smart tools on, and for, Office 365 that compliments and extends the platform, and importantly provide a more intuitive experience.

Office 365 consultancy that provides real business value

We can in fact now show – with some factual data , some assumptions and a bit of statistical wizardry – how your organisation's efficiency can be impacted by focusing on just 5 user journeys. We can show the business value by leveraging Office 365, and we can show how we can assist your organisation accelerate this business value.

What is holding back adoption and gaining business value from Office 365?

A number of common themes have emerged across the industries and clients we have engaged with.

  • The speed of change is out of step with traditional ways of on-boarding new technology. In some cases security and compliance policies prevent use of more modern technology, despite this being safer and more secure.
  • Confusion amongst users in terms of what to use when and for what. For example, where to file documents - do they use SharePoint, Teams or Yammer or should they stick to legacy document management system and file shares?
  • The inconsistent search experience when using the Office 365. Active users complain that they are spending too much time swapping between applications looking for files etc.

Rather than reducing complexity, and increasing collaboration, many Office 365 implementations do the opposite, creating islands of content, and too many communication channels.

Your Office 365 journey

We also offer free consultation to help you with your Office 365 journey. We will listen to your questions and work together on the best strategy for you. Fill in the form below for an initial informal chat without any obligations.

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