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Office 365 Knowledge Management

We enhance Office 365 with a powerful knowledge management portal and tools. Atlas makes finding and sharing knowledge on Office 365 so much simpler.

Office 365 provides a great platform for knowledge management. However, for more extensive and robust knowledge management requirements, we enhance the experience.

If any sector that has led the way in terms of knowledge management - it is the legal sector. Having worked with this sector for over 15 years, we have utilised our extensive knowledge management experience and developed Atlas.

Atlas Knowledge provides you with powerful knowledge management portals (or hubs as we call them) and knowledge tools that are available where your employees are working.

Atlas delivers a consistent knowledge experience across Office 365.

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This webinar focuses on a key user journey for most large organisations that have frontline / first line employees.

How do employees that are not sitting at desks, get the information they need and how do they contribute the information they are gathering back into the right systems?

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Knowledge Workspace

Atlas Knowledge Workspaces are designed on top of Office 365 to accommodate large data sets and advanced data classification features.

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We are passionate about what we do. Get in touch with us to discuss Office 365 Knowledge Management in more detail.

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