Office 365 Knowledge Management

Atlas enhances Office 365 with a powerful knowledge management system and KM tools, making finding and sharing knowledge on Office 365 so much easier and simpler.

Office 365 provides a great platform for knowledge management. But for organisations with more extensive and robust knowledge management, or KM, requirements, Atlas enhances the KM process and experience.

If any sector has led the way in terms of knowledge management, it’s the legal sector, and ClearPeople has used their 15+ years of extensive experience in this industry to develop Atlas as a tried and proven knowledge management system.

Atlas Knowledge provides you with powerful knowledge management portals (or KM hubs) and knowledge tools that are available wherever your employees are working. Atlas delivers a consistent knowledge management experience across Office 365, making work more efficient and effective and providing a better employee experience.

Atlas redefines knowledge management

Atlas Screenshot Knowledge in Focus

Atlas makes finding and sharing knowledge in Microsoft Office 365 intuitive, with tools that engage users to capture knowledge, a centralised knowledge base and a powerful search experience.

Atlas overcomes some of the key challenges organisations face when it comes to knowledge management, namely:

  • only a small percentage of people contribute knowledge in an organisation
  • information and knowledge is stuck in silos
  • knowledge is often not captured or converted from unstructured data
  • knowledge is hard to find if you don't know what you are looking for.
Atlas for Knowledge Managers

How Atlas Knowledge Workspaces Work

Atlas Knowledge Workspaces are built on and for Office 365 to accommodate large data sets and advanced data classification features. They are visually engaging digital workspaces with an enriched user experience that bring content to life and achieve the following KM outcomes:

• Surface relevant knowledge to the right person in the right context
• Increase knowledge re-use and reduce duplicate effort
• Make contribution to knowledge so intuitive that everyone participates

Naturally this is all combined with knowledge management best practice: enterprise grade permission trimming, content classification and data protection from the underlying Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure.

Connecting people to knowledge

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In this webinar you'll learn more from Microsoft experts and ClearPeople about how knowledge management helps organisations become more effective, with particular reference to the legal sector and the need for technology to enable flexible working in a secure digital workspace.

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