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My ConneX

Connex Screens vs Teams complete

Easily navigate across Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, Yammer and more.

My ConneX is a powerful and user-friendly tool that improves the findability of content and the search experience of Teams. This powerful tool is your launchpad to all your collaboration areas across Office 365 and gives you visibility of the groups you belong to and which ones you can join.

All your latest Atlas workspaces and Microsoft 365 Groups available in one place. From the card, you see your group members, or jump straight into Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Documents, Planner or OneNote. Display in List or Card mode.

Key benefits for users

  • Increase productivity by quickly finding content
  • Easily discover groups you have access to with one aggregated view
  • Improve collaboration across the organisation

Key benefits for IT

  • Reduce the pressure on IT by moving "manage and contain" to "encourage and monitor"
  • Expose compliance issues
  • Reduce duplication of groups 
  • Improve the usability and adoption of Office 365

Find what you need instantly

Take the tedium out of having to separately navigate across Office 365 Groups, Teams, Yammer Groups, Planner, SharePoint, and other tools. With My ConneX you can easily search for content across your core collaboration areas to surface the right information in just a few seconds.

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