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Atlas Idea Management


Capture and bring ideas to life

An easy to use, highly configurable idea management platform that makes it easy to capture, evaluate, and take action on ideas from those who know the most about your organization.​

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Idea Management screenshot in Microsoft Teams

Collect targeted ideas from your team or entire organization and facilitate collaboration in real-time

  • Launch targeted innovation challenges​
  • Vote, comment, and share ideas​
  • List related ideas​
All workspaces

Post a challenge and invite participants to submit ideas and solutions. ​

Use employees knowledge to automatically surface the best ideas​.

  • Use out-of-the-box M365 tools such as Planner to then put ideas into action​
  • Utilize MS Power Automate to provide workflows for approvals and notifications​
Ideas complete
  • List all campaign Ideas and sort by most Votes & Comments​
  • Automatically promote ideas across departments and highlight new ideas to users according to their preferences​
  • Embed Viva Engage communities within Campaigns to provide gamification​

Why use Atlas Idea Management

Enable collaboration across teams and functions​

Foster a culture of innovation across the organization​

Generate x000s in new revenue streams or productivity savings

  • Hannah Powell

    Marketing & Communications Officer
    "Atlas helps us overcome communication issues and enables us to provide a long term, scalable solution where our global offices can provide both corporate and localised information that is relevant to all business lines."
  • Phil White

    Head of Technology
    "I rest a bit easier knowing that we got a platform that they came come and find the information they need to know or need to do."
  • Ryan Macnamee

    Group Chief Officer
    "What has been key is the ability to deliver complex features and functionality through a simple and engaging user experience that makes sense to our users wherever they are, in the office, on-site or in a firstline worker role."



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