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Atlas for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


A digital platform to support, drive and promote your EDI initiatives

Atlas supports equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) as an accessible digital platform that fosters inclusivity, as well as provides a single destination for managing and participating in EDI initiatives.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Atlas promotes social cohesion and collaboration; enabling like-minded communities to form around issues and initiatives, and providing a rich, engaging user experience that encourages participation. 

atlas EDI initiative portal

Raise awareness of EDI initiatives

Organizations are required to make their EDI policies available. Atlas provides a platform that not only publicizes initiatives, but it also encourages participation and collaboration on them.

HoverPoint Screens complete

Clarity and impact

Atlas has tools like HoverPoint that convey information clearly, making learning and knowledge sharing so much simpler and more effective.

Let us demonstrate how Atlas promotes EDI

Can a digital workspace platform really help companies become more equitable, diverse and inclusive? Atlas absolutely can!

If your organisation has more than 500 employees and you’re using Microsoft 365 then Atlas Digital Workplace could be a great fit for you. 

Why not have a look for yourself and gain 30 minutes of free consulting at the same time? 

How Atlas supports equity, diversity & inclusion

Removes barriers to work

Atlas removes obstacles and enables remote and hybrid work, making work opportunities and workplaces inclusive, equitable and accessible to all.

Gives everyone a voice

Atlas provides a platform for informing people of the organisation's policies and procedures, highlighting initiatives and creating communities in Microsoft Teams or Viva Engage.

Leverages Microsoft 365

Atlas works inside MS Teams, SharePoint and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Viva, providing an intuitive, user-friendly interface to these powerful Microsoft tools.

Measures EDI progress

Unlike broadcasting information via company email, Atlas allows you to see how people interact with content, adopt and use the tools provided.