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Recorded Webinar: Why you can't find the content you need

5 February 2023

What if your employees had a way to easily unlock the hidden value from the information that's sitting in a multitude of silos across your organisation? And… what if they could do it from one place, powered by a single, unified search experience?

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Employees waste a huge amount of time daily searching for needed information, with varying search experiences, only to be presented with irrelevant, and often useless, search results. This leads to high frustration and low productivity.

As a growing number of companies adopt Microsoft Teams and employees spend an increasing amount of time in it, imagine if you could empower your users with a single search experience - all while presenting them with the most relevant content and personalised/contextualised search results? 

Is this possible? You bet it is.

Join experts from Upland BA Insight and ClearPeople as we explore:

  • The main challenges of enterprise search in the modern workplace
  • Ways our customers have significantly increased the relevancy of search results
  • What 'good' looks like in a digital workplace when theory becomes reality
  • How to do this from Microsoft Teams, increasing the return on your investment

 Speakers at this webinar

Jason McCullagh

Jason McCullagh, Product Director (Upland BA Insight)

I am passionate about helping varying sized companies, from all over the world, realise the power and benefits that the SharePoint, Office 365, Amazon Kendra, Elasticsearch and Azure Cognitive platforms can bring to an organisation – my particular focus is on delivering world class Enterprise Search/Intranet implementations. 



Stephen Bedford, Product Director (ClearPeople)
Stephen is Product Director and responsible for the day-to-day development of Atlas. He has decades of experience in the development of digital workspaces that are relevant, security trimmed sources of information which enable people to contribute knowledge with governance built-in.



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