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Recorded Webinar: Supercharge Microsoft 365: Convert mundane tasks into high value outcomes

23 March 2023

Struggling with process automation in Microsoft 365? Are you aware of the capabilities of Microsoft 365 and the additional solutions available to make key business processes more productive and valuable?

In this webinar we will delve into how the Microsoft platform enables best-in-breed solutions to seamlessly combine together, driving business outcomes and benefits. The demonstrations in this webinar show how the partnering of Encodian and Atlas by ClearPeople seamlessly integrate with Microsoft technologies, in order to build the perfect solution for your business.

Join experts from Encodian and ClearPeople as we explore:

  • How to supercharge the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Driving organisational productivity with Microsoft 365
  • Converting mundane tasks into high value outcomes
  • Atlas demo with Encodian Trigr/Flowr related actions

Speakers at this webinar

Dan Kong, Sales Director, Encodian



Dan Kong, Sales Director (Encodian)

Dan is Encodian’s commercial lead who works closely with end-customers and strategic partners to match business requirements with the most optimum solution.





Stephen Bedford, Product Director (ClearPeople)

Stephen is Product Director and responsible for the day-to-day development of Atlas. He has decades of experience in the development of digital workspaces that are relevant, security trimmed sources of information which enable people to contribute knowledge with governance built-in.

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