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The 5 ways AI can and can't help you find stuff in Microsoft 365

29 May 2024

During this insightful session, you will learn 5 ways AI can and can't help you find information in Microsoft 365

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Do your employees waste valuable time looking for the most up-to-date documents or expert advice to do their jobs? They know it’s somewhere in Microsoft 365…. but where?  

Wasn’t Microsoft 365 supposed to solve that?   

It was, but yet a third of employees say that it’s difficult, or nearly impossible, to extract the knowledge needed for daily work from repositories (Deloitte, 2021).  

With the growing use of Generative AI and modern big data tools, knowledge management has never been more important to the success of your organization. However, even with AI, employees still struggle to find the most credible and authoritative information, leading to a mistrust in AI.  

During this 45-minute session, you’ll learn: 

  • The underlying reasons why it is so hard to find information in Microsoft 365  
  • Why AI is not a ‘magic’ solution 
  • Exclusive strategies employees can employ to find the most authoritative information and expert advice quickly. 
  • How leading organizations have solved the “I Can’t Find Stuff” challenge using Microsoft 365 and Atlas, while making the most of their Microsoft 365 investment.