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23 July 2019

Operations Club July

23 July 2019

If there’s one common request we get from the people responsible for the operational and IT success of our clients it’s for a forum at which they can openly share knowledge, successes and failures, free from sales spin and supplier bias.

And so Monday 15th July 2019 was an exciting day at ClearPeople as we ran our first ever ‘Operations Club’ meeting, which was kindly hosted by John Bazley at the Alzheimer’s Society’s offices in the City.  Check out the amazing work the society undertakes in the increasingly important area of Alzheimer’s and dementia management and treatment here

The aim of the forum was to provide a relaxed and open environment in which the attendees can discuss the realities of business change, new technologies and the evolving expectations of society and employees in the modern workplace. There is little doubt that the world of work is going through more and faster change than at any point in the history and sometimes it’s hard to keep up when you’re responsible for the way employees interact with IT and each other. 

With a loose agenda the conversation flowed freely as we explored the challenges of embracing the ethos of working out loud, the concept of open-by-default, closed by exception and the expectation from a new generation of employees who expect to use any device, any time. The challenges and successes discussed were equally informative and everyone agreed that it was very helpful to be able to discuss the topics openly and to get honest insights about the reality of adoption and employee engagement with new collaboration tools such as Teams and Yammer. 

After a stimulating discussion we repaired to the pub which is handily next door to the Alzheimer’s Society’s offices to share some less work-oriented insights. 

Look out for some more detailed insights from the event which we’re currently pulling together and will share in the coming weeks.  If you’d like to attend our next Operations Club meeting to gain insights and share your experiences with your peers across multiple business sectors, please follow this link.