The beginning of the Atlas intelligent workspace journey for Nando’s | ClearPeople, Atlas, Teams, Microsoft Office 365

21 May 2019

The beginning of the Atlas intelligent workspace journey for Nando’s

21 May 2019

In March 2019 ClearPeople delivered an Atlas intelligent workspace for Nando’s; a modern communications intranet that brings together multiple Office 365 tools and other systems and provides a launchpad into applications relevant to the individual user.

ClearPeople helped Nando’s to exploit the full benefits of their recent Office 365 implementation and delivered a responsive Innovation Portal. The core objectives for the project were: 

  • Improve communication and collaboration across the group 
  • Reduce the friction to contribute content for users globally 
  • Engage users more through better aggregation and dissemination of relevant information 
  • Leverage Office 365 investments by enabling the adoption and engagement across the group 

How did Atlas contribute to Nando’s objectives? 

Atlas “External Insights” was connected via the Atlas API to “Shaping Tomorrow”, an Artificial Intelligence based future research platform. This highly specialised intelligent feed was implemented within the Innovation Portal and will be invaluable to Nando’s going forward. 

“Internal Communications” For Nando’s the requirement of high value content which highlights current innovation and future trends as well as potential blind spots, giving a summarised overview to senior decision makers and strategists in Nando’s is business critical. 

The Atlas email digest feature was built into the solution, allowing the Innovation Portal manager to create monthly “future innovation” newsletters straight from the portal, based on simple refiners and filtering criteria. This feature simplifies the IPM’s role and saves time, as well as making sharing ‘important business news’ more effective. 

The newsletter feature is designed and built to drive users back to the Atlas Intelligent Workspace, to increase awareness and adoption of it. 


What’s next for Nando’s? 

What has been rolled out so far is only the beginning of the Atlas intelligent workspace journey for Nando’s. Delivering on one of its key benefits, Atlas was rolled out fast, accelerating Nando’s journey to the aspirational intelligent workspace. This ensured that Nando’s had all the typical and common intranet capabilities straight out of the gate, and therefore allowed the team to focus on the more valuable business focused requirements delivered with Atlas. 

Another initial benefit that was rapidly achieved, was to allow Nando’s to use Atlas for consolidating multiple business, information and collaboration portals, under one umbrella. Nando’s recognised that this consolidated way of managing the brand internally across portals, as well as a common navigation and taxonomy for both contributing, communicating and finding knowledge and know-how is untapped value of great potential.  

Nando’s want to continue rolling out even more portals under the Atlas solution framework, being a mixture of completely new and some existing portals that get connected into the Atlas solution framework. These include a Business Decision Hub and an Ideation Portal. 

Nando’s are reviewing how the Atlas virtual assistant (the AI bot experience) can potentially benefit certain areas of the business as well as guiding users to better searches across systems and portals. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about how Atlas can help you on your digital journey, please get in touch or book a demo.