Is your website at risk from Google’s Mobile-Friendliness update?

16 April 2015

Is your website at risk from Google’s Mobile-Friendliness update?

16 April 2015

Google’s mobile-friendliness update is taking place from April 21st and this will have a big impact on where a website ranks in its search results.

16 Apr 2015

Why is there an update?

The change comes to ensure that Google offers mobile users the best possible content and experience.

With more and more web searches conducted from a mobile device, Google is rolling out a change in its algorithm to ensure that mobile-friendly content is given priority in its search results.

Regardless of how good your web content may be, if it does not offer a mobile-optimised user experience by default, Google will in effect ‘downgrade’ your ranking when a search is conducted from a mobile device.

How does this affect me?

If your site is not mobile-friendly it could lose its current position in the search rankings meaning you may be losing crucial clicks to your competitors. 


How can I prepare?

If you want to be sure your website is ready for Google’s updates, they have developed a Mobile Friendly Test which, not surprisingly, allows you to test if your website is mobile friendly!

It analyses a URL and produces a report on whether or not the page has a mobile friendly design, identifying common issues such as:

  • ‘Mobile view port’ has not been set (a viewport controls how a webpage is displayed on a mobile device)
  • Readability affected by small font sizes
  • Non-optimised images
  • Links are too close together

Additionally, Google have also provided a Webmaster's Mobile Guide which gives you handy tips on how to create and improve a mobile site. 

Our UX Consultants would be happy to talk you through the changes in further detail and offer you some advice on optimising your website. Contact us today and don’t lose out on valuable search traffic.