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ClearPeople and Torsion Information Security Partner to Enhance Security of the Digital Workspace

1 October 2018

ClearPeople and Torsion Information Security announce partnership

Today, award-winning digital Consultagency™, ClearPeople, and leading information security company, Torsion IS, are announcing a partnership to make organisations’ digital workspaces even more secure and compliant.



In a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 71% of business users indicated they have access to more company information than they probably should. Torsion delivers Secure Data Access Control, through a cloud-based solution that invisibly integrates with both the business and IT. It helps organisations get control of ‘who has access to what’, among collections of files, folders and sites.


Gabriel Karawani, co-founder and director of ClearPeople said: “More and more of our clients are coming to us with complex security needs for the information they share internally with their workforce through their intranets and document management systems, and externally with their clients through extranets and websites. Torsion is the first solution we’ve seen which truly solves the difficult challenge of controlling access to information at scale. I’m really excited to be partnering with Torsion to help our clients achieve the best compliance and security possible.”


One of the first joint projects between ClearPeople and Torsion is ‘Group Explorer with Enhanced Security by Torsion’. It adds a new level of security to Group Explorer, the Office 365 collaboration launchpad developed by ClearPeople’s Think-5 product division. This handy tool allows users to easily find and access collaboration areas across Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and more. With security enhanced by Torsion, people are empowered to work with business information in a security-aware way, without slowing them down. For the protection of the organisation as a whole.


Peter Bradley, Founder and CEO of Torsion said: “Keeping control of access to sensitive information is a big security challenge for many businesses. One which has been very difficult to achieve among millions of files, people sharing information both inside and outside the organisation, and constant business change. ClearPeople’s focus on business users’ productivity, makes them the ideal team to help people use information effectively, while meeting critical data security and compliance needs. I’m very excited to be joining forces with ClearPeople, and helping their customers keep data secure.”


For more information on ClearPeople and Torsion and how we can help create a secure intranet, extranet or website for your business, get in touch at


About Torsion Information Security

Torsion delivers Secure Data Access Control, invisibly integrated with your business and IT. It helps businesses get control of ‘who has access to what’, among collections of files, folders and sites. 

Torsion is either a service in the cloud, or software in your data centre. It works across your existing Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and File Share systems – to improve data security and simplify compliance.


Unlike traditional Data Access Governance tools, Torsion focusses on the people in the business, to help them use information securely. We recognise that business users, not IT teams, are in the best position to understand who should have access to their information, and so we empower them without slowing them down.


Torsion was founded in 2013 in London by CEO Peter Bradley, following a 13-year career in secure information management consulting. Torsion’s award-winning Secure Data Access Control solution is cloud-first and inexpensive, making it ideal for modern businesses of all sizes.


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