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The Rise and Fall of Microsoft Viva Topics


During this session, we will uncover the Rise and Fall of Microsoft Viva Topics

Microsoft's announcement to retire Viva Topics by February 2025 has stunned many organizations that were excited about the prospect of surfacing relevant content, resources and experts related to specific topics across Microsoft 365 apps and services.   

What happened?  

During this webinar, knowledge expert Gabriel Karawani will explore the technology and marketplace changes that led to the demise of Viva Topics while the need for such a product is stronger than ever. Gabriel will share a practical approach that can truly enable organizations to capture, curate and surface expertise across the enterprise - the very essence of what Viva Topics aimed to achieve. 

In this session, you'll learn: 

  • Technology and marketplace changes that prompted Viva Topics retirement. 
  • Why organizations continue to need a solution to harvest and manage knowledge at scale. 
  • How Atlas provides a comprehensive knowledge centric solution.  

If you are interested in replacing Viva Topics or seeking ways to effectively manage organizational knowledge, this webinar is a must-attend.  

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Speakers at this webinar

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Gabriel Karawani, Co-Founder (ClearPeople)

Gabriel is the Co-Founder of ClearPeople, responsible for the overall technical vision for Atlas. He works closely with colleagues at Microsoft on roadmap alignment and innovative Content Services programs such as Project Cortex / Microsoft Viva and SharePoint Syntex. Gabriel also works closely with strategic and early-adopter customers to explore how Atlas combined with the latest Microsoft innovations can improve organizational outcomes.





Stephen Bedford, Product Director (ClearPeople)

Stephen is Product Director and responsible for the day-to-day development of Atlas. He has decades of experience in the development of digital workspaces that are relevant, security trimmed sources of information which enable people to contribute knowledge with governance built in.