Putting People First Conference

Putting People First Conference


Is your organisation putting its people first?

Join CITF’s first ever virtual conference dedicated to C-level roles who work in technology divisions.

CITF's virtual ‘Putting People First’ conference will include keynote presentations from Gavin Jackson (MD of Microsoft) and Chintan Patel (Chief Technologist & Engineering Director at Cisco), along with educational workshops, round table discussions and networking opportunities. 

10:45 - 11:00 Interactive Workshop
‘Recreating Those Watercooler Moments’ with Katya Linossi, CEO & Co-Founder at ClearPeople
Water cooler moments were well recognized in the pre Covid world as they provide multitude of benefits including stronger collaboration and sparks of creativity. To recreate those moments remotely is challenging, but at the same time we never needed them more than now.
Katya will faciliate a discussion on key informal moments that we miss most from the office and the impact this has on our working lives. She will also share some proven ways on how to build rapport in a virtual environment.

12:45 - 13:00 Interactive Session
‘Digging For Gold; The Knowledge Opportunity in the New World’ with Gabriel Karawani, Co-Founder of ClearPeople
Organisations have the opportunity of a lifetime to move from siloed ways of working and harness knowledge that in the past has been difficult to tap into. This interactive session will be packed with practical tips and guidance on how to use technology to take advantage of this opportunity now and in 2021.

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What you'll learn during this conference:

  • Find out from top technology leaders how to navigate and shift to the new norms and what measures are needed to prevent sliding back into old fashioned, siloed ways of working.
  • Experience and hear how organisations have rapidly transitioned from a physically present workforce to being a workforce of the future, where remote working is a permanent feature in a hybrid, mixed environment.
  • Emerging best practices on how to maximise employee engagement, well-being and productivity in the Covid-19 world and beyond. 

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