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NetCoreConf 2019


NetCoreConf 2019 in Barcelona explores the latest in Microsoft technologies and much more, including about NetCore, Azure, Xamarin, IA, Big Data.

NetCoreConf 2019 will hold the first state-wide event dedicated exclusively to the development and consulting sector that seeks to discover and publicise the latest cutting-edge technologies and create strategic links that generate joint synergies among professionals in the sector, companies and institutions.

Our Cloud Architect will be joining more than 20 leading technology experts to present an expert session


Securing .Net Core APIs and WebApps with Azure Active Directory

Authentication / Authorization is always a toothache! In this session, Luis will see how we can make use of Azure Active Directory to make life easier, securing our .net core APIs and WebApps. He will explore fundamental concepts of the protocols on which Azure AD is based, as well as practical examples of consumption of a secure API with Azure AD, from different scenarios: Azure Functions, WebApp, SPA.

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