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Microsoft Envision Europe: The power of knowledge and OKRs


How do you create a more engaged, satisfied workforce? Discover the power of knowledge management and OKR

Making 'Hybrid Work' Work by Staying in Focus and Embracing Growth

Creating a culture and employee experience to meet the needs of today’s digitally connected, distributed workforce requires a new approach. And thankfully, staff have indicated what direction companies should follow.

With 73% of employees saying they need a better reason to go into the office than just company expectations, balancing the needs of staff with the demands of organizations has never been more pressing.

Join key experts and leaders in the world of Knowledge Management and OKRs in our latest Microsoft Envision Europe event to discover how to Achieve more Growth through Focus powered by objectives and key results (OKR) and therefore make ‘Hybrid Work’ Work for you and for your people. We will unveil how to:

  • Use the power of data and knowledge of your organization to rebuild team bonds
  • Build a digital employee experience to help employees stay connected
  • Make learning and growth core to the employee experience
  • How knowledge and OKRs increase revenue growth due to efficiency, innovation, employee retention and productivity.
  • How the right knowledge and OKRs in place leads to accelerated performance, increased accountability, and a more engaged and purposeful team.

This is a free digital event, but we limit virtual seats for a great digital experience. Make sure to register in advance to assure your place.



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Speakers at this webinar

Gabriel Karawani

Gabriel Karawani

Co-Founder at ClearPeople


Katya Linossi

CEO and Co-Founder at ClearPeople 

Lee Downes

Lee Downes

Head of Growth (Sales & Marketing) at There Be Giants

Violetta Louwers

Violetta Louwers

Future of Work Business Leader, Microsoft Western Europe