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IT Operations Club 2


There was a time when IT strategy had to align with business objectives over a period of years. Today, evergreen cloud platforms are evolving every few weeks! So, how can operations professionals manage during increased dual business and IT pressures?

Who is this event for?

CIOs, Operations and Communications Managers


Why should you attend?

Because you contribute to the IT operations of your business and will benefit from vibrant, loose discussions with a supportive group of peers, free from sales talk.


Speaking at this event kindly hosted at Softcat, Central London

Barry Wakelin (ClearPeople)

Barry has been an IT professional since 1988. Having held senior operations roles in the Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Sage channels for longer than he cares to mention, he has seen business dynamics change and shift through generations of change and has built a strong understanding of what works and what doesn't.