The only shortcut in Teams you need to know

28 September 2020

This may be the shortest blog ever written - but then again, that might be fitting for a blog dedicated to the only keyboard shortcut you will ever need to know in Teams. I just wish I had spotted it sooner myself.

With Teams growing weekly in capabilities, functions, features and options - and generally growing into being a big part of my working day, I found myself trying to memorize the most useful keyboard shortcuts to the things I used the most. 

And then after having used and memorised and failed memorising shortcuts for a while, I suddenly had a "doh" moment. I couldn't believe I had missed this. Staring in my face all this time. The first shortcut on the list and I never paid any attention to it - but it is the only one I now need to remember. 

A simple combination of the Control key and the humble dot.

CTRL + "." 

And what does this keyboard combination do you ask?

Well, it is the shortcut to bring up the list of all the other keyboard shortcuts.

Job done. One shortcut to rule them all.

Image showing all the Teams keyboard shortcuts, with the CTRL+"." showing with red underline.

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Gabriel Karawani

Gabriel Karawani

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