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Optimising Microsoft Office 365 traffic for remote working


As remote work is still something we are doing, you might get a lot of value from this blog published by Microsoft last week.


The recent COVID-19 outbreak has caused many customers to rapidly enable, or proactively plan for the bulk of their employees working from home. This sudden switch of connectivity model for the majority of users typically has a significant impact on the corporate network infrastructure which may have been scaled and designed before any major cloud service was rolled out and in some cases, not designed for a situation when it is required simultaneously by all users.
In the article Microsoft outlines the simple steps an organisation can take to drastically reduce the impact Office 365 traffic has on the traditional corporate infrastructure when we have a large percentage of users working remotely all at once. The solution will also have a significant impact on user performance and also provide the benefit of freeing up the corporate resources for elements that still have to rely on it.

  1. Identify the endpoints to optimise
  2. Optimise access to these endpoints via the VPN

Microsoft also provides some answers on some common questions when implementing local breakout and split tunneling for Office 365.
If you’d like to further understand how we use Microsoft Teams and Office 365 combined with our Atlas product to support our remote workers then please drop us an email.

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