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Carpmaels and Ransford transformative journey to build a modern knowledge hub - with Atlas for M365


From imagination to implementation: here's how Carpmaels and Ransford became a more 'knowledge centric organization', leveraging Generative AI and human experience.

ClearPeople was delighted to sponsor and speak at this year's 2024 Knowledge Summit in Dublin. The team we're joined by Head of Knowledge Katie Gordon, from Carpmaels and Ransford, a leading specialist firm for European Intellectual Property. Katie shared her valuable insights into the firms journey to build a modern Knowledge Hub, with Atlas, the Intelligent Knowledge Platform for Microsoft 365. 
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Carpmael and Ransford Transformative Knowledge journey

The interactive session included a mix of talks, presentations, demos and Q&A.

Katie's presentation includes:

  • Overview of key steps on the journey
  • KM Vision, across process, governance and technology - with a keen eye on knowledge transfer methods
  • Key pointers to "why Atlas"
  • Execution approach.

Author bio

Gabriel Karawani

Gabriel Karawani

Gabriel is Co-Founder of ClearPeople, responsible for the overall technical and Atlas Intelligent Knowledge Platform vision. He works closely with colleagues at Microsoft on roadmap alignment and innovative Content AI Services programs such as Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Premium (previously known as Syntex). Gabriel was part of Microsoft's partner program for Project Cortex.

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