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Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization, a new top tier specialization for Microsoft Gold Partners

5 May 2020

I am very proud to shout about this here:

ClearPeople is the first UK partner to attain the top tier Microsoft "Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization"

This Microsoft specialization is reserved for Gold Partners who demonstrate deep knowledge in a specific area and where Microsoft - through the vetting and selection process - assures our existing and potential customers that the Partner meets the highest standards for service delivery and support.

Further details on Microsoft's partner ecosystem updates - including this new specialization - can be found in Gavriella Schuster's blog here:

The Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization focuses in particular on Partners who are able to "demonstrate deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success driving Microsoft 365 adoption and organizational change by providing adoption and change management services".

According to Prosci® 2018 Benchmarking data (data from 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017), customers are six times more likely to meet or exceed business objectives with effective change management. For our team here at ClearPeople it is therefore an obvious area where we feel we can help our customers realise desired outcomes by focusing on the key success factor of making end users adopt new digital tools and services and embrace the related behavioural changes.

The specialization is according to Microsoft "available only to partners who meet additional, stringent requirements". Microsoft further states: "Eligible partners must meet the highest standards for service delivery and support".

Thank you to our amazing team and to our reference customers!

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Gabriel Karawani

Gabriel Karawani

My focus is the vision and evolution of our Atlas Digital Workspace for Microsoft Office 365. As one of two co-founders, my role is a wonderful mix of technology and business. I have had the privilege of working with most of our awesome colleagues, clients and partners from day one. I get excited about new technology and helping our clients find ways of doing what they do even better. The Microsoft stack with Office 365, Azure and related services is a key enabler in my world of delivering the best possible digital workspace solution on the planet. Together with our customers and our partners we are driving innovation to take advantage of AI, ML, Cognitive Services, to enable our users to participate, know and achieve more.

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