Atlas Matter Management for Corporate Legal

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Corporate legal teams operate best when supported by technology and software that eliminates low-value tasks, enhances high-impact decisions and allows them to efficiently manage competing priorities.

Atlas for matter management, allows corporate legal teams to share their expertise with the rest of the organisation. By connecting silos of information and systems, Atlas centralizes matters and knowledge, thereby increasing collaboration and driving new efficiencies.

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  • “The pressure on in-house legal functions to reduce cost and enhance quality and speed to market will make them ever more imaginative about how to empower their business colleagues to act without the constant presence or intervention of in-house lawyers”

    Allen & Overy - The future of the in-house legal function



Increases productivity

by allowing corporate legal teams to capture and share knowledge.

Mitigates risk

with its underlying security and compliance features, Atlas gives complete control over whom sees what content.

Enables self-service

as the wider company is able to tap into legal expertise and knowledge.

Maximises IT investment

because it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft. No more legacy systems and software to slow you down.

Designed for corporate legal

Atlas has all the features you need and it is easy to use, with onboarding part of the package.


How does it work?

Atlas is a collaborative workplace where you can add, manage, and find information for both internal and external matters. By extending the powerful document management capabilities of Microsoft 365, Atlas brings matter management, collaboration and document management together securely into one system. 

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft, Atlas enables you to maximise the investment in existing IT and frees the corporate legal team from legacy technology. With powerful search features, Atlas enables you to find any matter – all of which helps to get an instant understanding of the problem that needs solving.

Atlas does not include billing nor time management software. However, Atlas can be extended with these capabilities by using 3rd party add-ons. 



Smart information management

  • Automated and suggested tagging of content
  • Powerful search
  • Entity extraction using Artificial Intelligence
  • Context-driven views of relevant case/matter materials
  • Option to work directly from Outlook

Powerful knowledge management

  • Makes finding and sharing knowledge intuitive
  • Helps legal team better manage and distribute access to valuable legal IP and knowledge
  • Centralised knowledge and powerful search experience
  • Transforms the value the legal team provides to the organisation

Connects systems

  • Seamlessly integrates with your current Microsoft 365 technology stack
  • Centralises data and processes
  • Enables effective information management

Secure and simple file sharing

  • Atlas’ underlying security and compliance features afford complete control over access and confidentiality
  • Document versioning is simple and practical
  • Powerful search to quickly access knowledge/matter across inboxes, folders, systems and more
  • Seamlessly integrates with email

Extended capabilities

  • Atlas connects with many 3rd party add-ons, making it even more powerful. 
  • Users can work on matters directly from Outlook with our trusted partner solutions

Reporting and analytics

  • Affords insight into adoption patterns
  • Allows you to gauge whether KPIs are being met

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