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Atlas enhances Microsoft Enterprise Search to surface all content from a single interface with pre-configured search scopes.

Urgently need to find a Health and Safety officer? No problem.
A signed Customer agreement – we have plenty of those.
A Lessons Learned article – this way please.


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Atlas screenshot People Expertise Finder

People Expertise Finder

Need to find a French speaking marketeer based in the London office? The Atlas People web part will let you do just that, and then communicate directly.

You also have the ability to select the AAD profile properties that you can display on the card itself.

Atlas screenshot Knowledge Finder

Atlas In Focus

A web part that displays and enables you to search for News, Events, Knowledge, Documents and People.

Configurable in multiple views, tile mode, list mode, in a carousel. Apply filtering and search scopes to help home in on the content that you are looking for.

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All Atlas Features

Add It 2.0

Add It

This simple feature enables all Atlas users to easily add content (News, Events, Knowledge, External Insights and Documents) into a relevant workspace.

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Atlas ConneX - Microsoft Teams screenshot

Atlas ConneX

Atlas ConneX is a powerful tool for Office 365 provisioning and governance.

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Atlas Knowledge workspaces

Atlas Knowledge

Atlas makes finding and sharing knowledge intuitive, with tools that engage users to capture knowledge, a centralised knowledge base and a powerful search experience.

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