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Add It 2.0

Atlas and Teams seamlessly working in tandem

Atlas apps, tools, webparts and features can be accessed directly in Microsoft Teams including the Home button and Add It, so users can engage and contribute to Atlas directly within Teams Workspaces.

Atlas enables direct access to Microsoft Teams through ConneX, My ConneX and Useful Links tools. It is also possible to directly target Microsoft Teams with Atlas Content Types and taxonomy models to enable content stored within Teams to be automatically tagged and also directly surfaced within Atlas.

Atlas screenshot Yammer

Atlas and Yammer for an enterprise social network

Atlas pages have embedded Yammer feeds for Online social business interactions and networking.

Atlas can utilize Yammer Likes, Polls, Praise and in page commentary on all Atlas content pages.

Atlas screenshot People

Atlas People

Need to find colleagues based in the USA office?

The Atlas People web part will let you do just that, and then chat, call or email to communicate directly.

Standard Microsoft 365 organisational charts, optional LinkedIn profiles and recent files are also available.

More Atlas Features

Mandatory Reads

Mandatory Read

Want to make sure that everybody sees that “Risk & Compliance” update or the latest “Working from Home” health and safety update? Use Mandatory Read.

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Add It 2.0

Add It

This simple feature enables all Atlas users to easily add content (News, Events, Knowledge, External Insights and Documents) into a relevant workspace.

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Atlas - My Connex

Atlas ConneX

Atlas ConneX is a powerful and user-friendly tool that improves the findability of content and the search experience of Teams and Groups. 

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