atlas by clearpeople

Corporate and Social Responsibilities

At ClearPeople, we believe in taking an interest and subsequently taking responsibility for the impact of our activities on our employees, community and as well as on the environment. We see it as a necessary obligation to comply with certain guidelines, legislations as well as taking further voluntary steps to improve the quality of our working environment as well as our community and the environment at large.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key value at ClearPeople and our efforts go well beyond donations to charity organizations.

As a female-owned technology company, Diversity and Inclusion is a particularly important part of our CSR focus. Our approach encompasses not only supporting our team internally but providing support and leadership to the broader community. For example, ClearPeople supports Women in STEM by giving talks to local schools and we have hosted Year 10 students for work experience placements. We are a charter member of the Tech Talent Charter, and active members of the Women In Technology (WIT) Network.


On a more individual level, we make sure our place of work is a safe and supportive environment and strive to promote wellbeing and a positive work-life balance. For example, our flexible working policies enable our employees to be more engaged in their local communities, from their children’s schools to local volunteer organizations.

We endeavor to support charities close to our hearts through various forms of donations and fund raising. We have been supporting two SOS Children’s Villages in South Africa since 2010 and take part in fundraising events for our charity clients we work with.

Since 2009 we have contributed in the form of cash, time and in-kind support. For example, we've taken part in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk and AmnesTea Bake Sale.