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Upland BA Insight and Atlas: Better Together

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Upland BA Insight and Atlas by ClearPeople are committed to delivering seamless enterprise search experiences that delight users with an effortless interface to uncover precise and actionable search results from any application.

About Upland BA Insight

Upland BA Insight leverages AI technology to deliver a web-like advanced search experience with results that are relevant, personalized, and actionable. The connector-based technology works with enterprise applications, customer portals, and web sites, turning searches into actionable insights, regardless of where content or users reside.

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ILTACON Europe 2023

ClearPeople and Upland BA Insight will be attending ILTACON Europe 2023. 

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What are the benefits?

Atlas and BA Insight enhance search experiences with our comprehensive solution. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Improved information retrieval

Enterprise search streamlines the search process for large organizations, allowing employees to quickly locate and retrieve information from various data sources.

Enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing

Increase knowledge productivity by driving collaboration between information seekers and subject matter experts. Enable teams to leverage the collective intelligence of the organization.

Increased data visibility and analysis

By indexing and analyzing diverse data sources, enterprise search provides organizations with a holistic view of their information assets.

Compliance and regulatory adherence

Ensure compliance by providing the ability to search and analyze data for specific criteria, identifying sensitive information, monitoring data access and usage, and generating audit trails.

Scalability and adaptability

Handle massive amounts of data, accommodate growing user bases, integrate with various existing systems and repositories. Support new data sources, technologies, and user requirements.

360-degree of your client

With a unified view of your client information, your people are empowered to deliver a stand-out customer experience.


How do we work together?

Atlas unifies fragmented information and Microsoft tools, while BA Insight provides 90+ Connectors into existing systems including SharePoint, iManage, Salesforce, resulting in:

  • Access to an enhanced enterprise search, just as if you asked a colleague a question
  • The ability to preview content from within business applications you use every day
  • Improved productivity resulting from a truly unified knowledge management experience

Unlock the power of a 360-degree customer view

With a unified view of your customers, Atlas and Upland BA Insights empowers your people to deliver stand-out customer experiences.

  • Unifies customer data and interactions held across separate tools, which in turn improves data quality.
  • Provides quick, easy access to relevant customer information, helping your team deliver a phenomenal experience.
  • Saves hours spent researching and collating information, increasing productivity.
  • A holistic view of the customer lets you identify and capitalize on opportunities.
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Joint engagements

Legal sector

Atlas and BA Insight has enabled a large international law firm to move away from expensive, resource-intensive legacy products, saving licensing fees, while greatly improving user experience, as well as information and knowledge sharing across the organization and its clients. 

Professional Services

A large global consulting business that works with over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies, uses BA Insight connectors within Atlas to provide an enhanced user experience. Consultants get a full picture of planned and executed engagements by bringing data form SAP, Salesforce and other sources together in a single Atlas dashboard.