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Microsoft Workshop: Transition to Cloud and Enable Secure Remote Work

Enable your people to work from anywhere with this Microsoft workshop.

Enable your team to work from anywhere with our Transition to Cloud Microsoft workshop 

In this one-day workshop, funded by Microsoft, you'll learn how to use Microsoft technologies to:

  • Empower people to work remotely and stay connected
    • Enable people to meet and collaborate from home
    • Engage people with virtual events and communication
    • Make productivity applications available on any device
  • Maintain control over your organisation's security
    • Enable cloud identities with single sign-on and self-service password reset
    • Secure, remote access to Microsoft Teams

What you will get out of a Transition to Cloud workshop:

This one-day workshop covers the most critical steps for remote work and how you can rapidly respond to key scenarios. We'll evaluate your specific options and you'll leave with a concrete deployment plan focusing on business continuity.

Enable cloud or hybrid identity

Single sign-on and self-service password reset so users can get up and running quickly.

Rapid deployment of MS Teams

Checklists, activation, installation and configuration to set you up on Teams fast.

Adoption kit

End user training, workload introductions and support resources.

Secure access to MS Teams

Conditional access and multifactor authentication (MFA)

Apply now for this free workshop

ClearPeople's Microsoft partner status as Co-Sell Ready and SSPA compliant allows us to deliver these premium, well-structured workshops sponsored by Microsoft.

The programme is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis for each eligible customer as Microsoft has set a funding cap and a time limit.

Microsoft Transition to Cloud Workshop

Workshop highlights:

This one-day workshop is focused on business continuity and rapid deployment of everything you need to enable remote working. View the Microsoft Transition to Cloud Workshop brochure.

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We'll assist you in evaluating your remote work options and their business implications.

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The goal is to allow you to move to remote work quickly, with more advanced options at a later stage.

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After this one day workshop you will have a concrete deployment plan, timelines and your next actions.

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